I’ve had the opportunity to use Alfie, the new voice controlled intelligent shopper from Kenmore, over the past month. So far, Alfie has helped replace my smart phone screen protector, restock my pantry and even find my husband’s favorite mints. While I was using Alfie last month I started considering all the times it could have made my life easier … and saved me from some inconvenient situations.

1. Printer ink: If I had a nickel for every time I discovered I was out of printer ink, well, I’d have enough money to buy more cartridges. With Alfie, the next time I see that I’m low on ink, I can tap the unit, request a refill and rest assured that I’m prepared for my next print job.

2. Light bulbs: The light bulb has been out in our refrigerator for more than two months. I seem to never remember to buy a replacement appliance bulb when I’m out shopping. Fortunately, I had the magnetic Alfie unit stuck to the side of my refrigerator. The next time I opened the fridge, I saw the bulb was out, tasked Alfie to find a replacement and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Batteries and chargers: The charging cable on my smart phone is held together with a mix of duct tape and prayers. And the smoke detector has been chirping for almost a week. Aflie to the rescue! Not only was Alfie able to fulfill my order, but it came through at a better price than I was able to find on my own when I comparison shopped.

4. Gifts: I have a confession to make. I’m not a very good gift giver. The next time I have a gifting occasion, I’m going to reach out to Alfie. With a team of actual human personal shoppers behind it, Aflie has a knack for finding a few gift options for every occasion.

5. Smart phone screen protector: Remember the last time you dropped your phone on the marble counter top in your kitchen and you thought the screen was a goner? And then when you picked it up and found that it was still in one piece you vowed that you would buy a screen protector? But then you never follow through. And the next time you have butter fingers you might not be so lucky. If you had Aflie, you could tap the unit as you a heaved a sigh of relief about your phone and have a screen protector within a few days. Safety first, folks. Safety first.

6. Toilet paper: We have a rule in our house. The person who uses the last roll of toilet paper has to make sure to buy a new package. Imagine how easy that task would be if Alfie were enlisted to help. When the last roll comes out of the cupboard, Alfie gets tasked with buying more. Done and done.

7. The dog’s favorite chew toy: Little Rover’s chew toy has seen better days. Before Rover starts chomping on my new loafers, I need to replace his toy. All it takes is describing the toy to Alfie and then choosing from the selection that’s sent back to me.

8. Literally Bacon: You’re hosting brunch this weekend but there’s no time for shopping. That’s where Alfie comes in. Feed the list to Alfie and then go about your day. (Grocery delivery not available in all markets.)

9. Your husband’s favorite sports shirt: When your husband’s favorite t-shirt accidentally gets bleached and ruined (oops!), Alfie to the rescue! Tell Alfie the team, color and size, and let the personal shopper team do the leg work of finding a replacement.

10. Just about anything you can imagine: I’ve actually realized that Alfie can fulfill just about any shopping need I throw at it. From basic household goods to more specialty items, the personal shopper team behind Alfie is able to check everything off my shopping list. I may never go into a brick and mortar store again!

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