We’ve been busy for the last century. From helping whip up birthday cakes and perfectly cooked family meals to tackling the biggest cleanups on and off the plate, we’ve been right by your side. Nothing quite says tested for living, like 100 years of experience. And we’re only getting better with age.

The Kenmore brand has evolved through technology, style and the needs of every new generation. For every new challenge in the home, our goal is to continually offer the right innovation solution to help our loyal customers get more from their Kenmore (you do not need the registered mark on internal documents) appliances. As we continue the year-long celebration, we wanted to share some of our proudest moments with you.

  • Our debut with the Kenmore sewing machine in 1913 introduced our brand to countless homes.
  • In 1929, we gave laundry a spin and unveiled the $79.50 Gyrator, the first wringer washer that could clean clothes in three to seven minutes.
  • The 50s and 60s marked our step as the first washer and dryer combination brought to the market.
  • Kenmore brand was the first to release a major refrigerator innovation in the 1980s, hiding coils to allow refrigerators to be pushed back against a wall.
  • In 2010, we launched Kenmore Connect® customer service technology, enabling select washers and dryers to “talk” directly to service experts via phone to diagnose problems prior to sending a technician out.
  • And in 2012, we delivered the industry-first Grab-n-Go™ door-in-door French door refrigerator.

In the spirit of keeping at the forefront of innovation, online communities  such as cookmore.com and shopyourway.com, share recipe inspirations, deals and rewards to make life a little easier.. Cookmore.com allows users to add, share or create recipes and cookbooks, as well as watch helpful recipe videos provided by our celebrity chefs. Make sure you upload your family favorite recipe at cookmore.com to win a trip to the New York City Wine & Food Festival, a $5,000 kitchen appliance makeover and for your recipe to be included in our 100th Anniversary cookbook. Each recipe uploaded will trigger a $5 donation to Heroes at Home to support military members and their families.

The Shop Your WaySMcommunity, links members with exclusive content, deals and social shopping on an interactive website.

Stay tuned for more 100th Anniversary celebrations, events and prizes. Up next, the Kenmore brand will head to the hotbeds of home cooking, State Fairs, in search of blue ribbon worthy recipes.

What new innovation do you want to see from us in the future? Let us know in comments section below!