Keeping the house clean, taking care of laundry, cooking dinner, and making time for your family is a full-time job. You do all of this because you care about your home, but any chance to make your day a little easier is worth a try, right? That’s where our voice-controlled intelligent shopper, Alfie, comes into play! With just a tap on the device and the compatible app on your phone, Alfie is ready to help you keep your home amazing!

1. Grocery Shopping
Have a hectic week ahead? Tired of chasing all four kids down every aisle while trying to price compare cereals? Alfie has you covered. Shop item by item or build your grocery list and have it all delivered to your door. Best of all, you can schedule reorders, so your stand-by ingredients like flour, sugar and spices will never run out. Perishable grocery delivery is available in select areas, see if your area is eligible here.

2. Wise Spending
How many times have you purchased items that were more expensive or not what you wanted because they were the only available options at the store? Kiss those days goodbye! The Alfie team is always looking for the best deal for you, and works with your budget. All you have to do is make your request, and the Alfie team will do the research and comparisons for you. You’ll get the items you want, at the price you want with none of the hassle.

3. Running Errands
Describe the occasion and Alfie will suggest the perfect gift to order. Need shopping advice on a book, suitcase or bike? Alfie will tailor a recommendation especially for you. And if you find that you need to return or exchange the purchase you made through Alfie, no worries about running to the store! Alfie will help coordinate the return for you by communicating with the retailer and help initiate the returns process.

4. Developing a Personal Style
The more you use Alfie, the more it learns you — your likes, dislikes, preferences and tastes. Once it’s stored enough information about you, Alfie can suggest items down the road that you would be interested in. You may not know that there is the perfect salt and pepper shaker set out there to match perfectly with your anchor-printed kitchen towels — but Alfie does!

5. Saving Time
The most important benefit of having this intelligent shopper by your side is all the time it can save you! With the ability to cut out random errands at the store, weekly grocery shopping and time spent researching and comparing products online, you’ll have more time to do the things you want to do! Spend more time relaxing with your family, testing out a new recipe or tackling bigger items on your to-do list — Alfie will be there to cover the rest.

Learn more about Alfie here.