Have you met Alfie yet?

Those who have already made man’s newest best friend part of their home know what an amazing help Alfie can be. This voice-controlled, intelligent shopper helps you get you what you want, whenever you want it. Tap the device to make a request or text it from anywhere using the compatible app – then Alfie fetches whatever you need. It’s that easy!

And what better time to have this additional help than during the hectic holiday season! Here’s five ways Alfie can make a difference:

1. Finds the perfect gift – We all have people on our list that are a bit harder to shop for than others, and leave you stumped every year. Let Alfie help. All you have to do is describe the occasion, who the gift is for, any interests and Alfie will provide gift recommendations for you to choose from. Once you make your pick, Alfie will order it for you.

2. Finds the best deals – Maybe your gift list is easy and you already know what you’re buying for everyone, but are you finding the best deals? Alfie can do that for you. Let it know what products you’re looking for and your budget, and Alfie will send you the best results from all over the web. And of course, once you’re ready to choose, Alfie will order it for you. Money and shopping time saved!

3. Does the research for you – You want to make sure you’re getting the best gift with the best features, the best reviews, the best everything… except you really don’t have the time to research and compare every site. Good thing for you, Alfie does. Even better, Alfie is backed by real human intelligence, not just computer processing. All you have to do is tap the device, tell it what you need, and let the team (real living, breathing people!) fetch it for you. You can feel confident with the results and what you order.

4. Schedules grocery deliveries – It’s easy for normal errands, like grocery shopping, to fall by the wayside during the holidays. If you’re crunched for time and need to restock on home goods, let Alfie help. From milk and coffee, to toilet paper and shampoo, you can order and schedule a delivery for all your necessities on the Alfie device. Please note, grocery delivery not available in all markets.

5. Orders what you forgot or couldn’t find – Just got back from a crowded store and realized you forgot to pick up canned pumpkin? Or the store was out of stock? Don’t worry, just ask Alfie to fetch it for you. You can go back to checking off everything else on your to-do list, while the Alfie team tracks down the canned pumpkin and delivers it to you. Consider the holidays handled.

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Image: ManTrippping