From toasted bread to one-click online shopping, there are inventions big and small that have greatly impacted our lives to make the day to day more convenient. And when it comes to more modern breakthroughs, we can’t imagine going back to a time without them. As we celebrate the launch of Alfiethe innovative new intelligent personal shopper – let’s take a look back at the inventions that have made life a little easier.

Refrigerators: Of course we had to start with one of the greatest kitchen inventions in history. Long gone are the days of ice houses being used as food storage. Today we enjoy features like temperature sensors, crispers, ice makers, doors within doors, temperature-controlled pantry drawers, filters and more. From large capacities to fresh food features, modern dining would be a pain without one of these innovators!

GPS: At this point, we probably couldn’t find our own home without the help of Google Maps. Finding stores, restaurants, even a friend’s location with the help of a dropped pin, is so easy it barely requires a second thought.

Cell Phones: There’s a good chance you’re reading this right now on your phone. Researching, playing games, shopping, texting, emailing, calling (if you absolutely must), sitting on Facebook, and taking pictures — all at your fingertips with this one increasingly powerful machine. Life before cell phones seems almost impossible now.

Digital Cameras: You can snap with your phone, but truly life-like, high-resolution photos need a digital eye. Not only do they capture our favorite moments, but without them, half the breakthroughs in science wouldn’t be possible, since digital camera lenses are used to examine what isn’t visible to the human eye.

Microwaves: Where would we be without perfectly popped popcorn, tv-dinners, reheating leftovers and a little extra help during meal prep? Some microwaves even have convection cooking technology to act as a second oven. No kitchen should be without one.

Television: There’s nothing that brings a home together quite like the TV. Catch up on your nightly news, set up your favorite shows on the DVR, stream the internet, gather around an intense season finale — all that drama and entertainment directed to the comfort of your couch. And with new 4K Ultra HD technology, popping in a DVD is just like going to the theater!

Internet: All the information of the entire world, compacted into one digital space, spanning across cities and countries, even outer space. What would you do without the internet? Google it.

Alfie: This voice-controlled intelligent shopper has only just hit the scene, but already we couldn’t imagine life without it. All you have to do is tap the device, tell Alfie what you need, and let the team (filled with living, breathing people!) fetch it for you. Schedule grocery deliveries, get tailored shopping suggestions, occasion-based gift ideas and more. Learn more about this innovation and add man’s newest best friend to your family.