Let’s talk bachelorette parties. Yes I meant to make that plural! My Besties are super spread out, but I must celebrate my last days of single hood with ALL my sistas that got me through it. They mean the WORLD to me and after suffering all the idiots that I dated along with me, how can I not now share my celebration of success in love with them. Finally! We MUST celebrate!

I’m an older bride and I’ve waited a very long time to get married, so I’m gonna milk this for all it’s worth and party “like it’s 1999”! Remember that? Oh how I miss the days when we were young hotties strutting our stuff into the clubs and dancing the nite away. When you’re single, there’s nothing better than hangin with your girls and I so miss mine! But no worries we will be throwing it down again soon, because I’m bringing the party to you. That’s right I’m having a bachelorette party in LA, Chicago, Maryland and Vegas!  Yeah Baby!

Now it’s been a really long time since I’ve gone out partying and dancing the nite away. It wasn’t an option after the lyme disease debacle of 2007. But I’m willing to now put aside my fears and suffer the extreme lyme hangover effects so that we can rock out some bachelorette festivities! We just need to know where to go. We need to dance, laugh, be loud, drink, flirt and frolic around together. If you know of some great places in Chicago, Maryland, LA and Vegas to do that, then by all means do share!