It’s time for another guest blogger: Jaime, my MOH. I have to thank her for taking the time to write for the blog as she’s crazy busy being an attorney and working like 15 hour days. Jaime and I have been BFFs since Freshman year of high school. We’ve been through a lot together  and there’s no one better to fill the MOH role. Let’s hear what she has to say:


Hello, everyone! Jackie only has two more blog posts left, so not only does that mean that I will no longer be receiving daily texts and emails to comment, but it also means that Jackie has covered just about every wedding topic under the sun these past few weeks. The one thing she hasn’t touched on yet is maid of honor duties, and being that I am the big MOH I feel pretty qualified to do the job.

I shouldn’t necessarily say qualified- I’ve never stood up in a wedding let alone been the MOH. I do, however, enjoy power, planning and partying, so the role has come pretty natural thus far.

As soon as Jackie asked me to stand up in her wedding (in just about the cutest way ever) two things popped into my head. One, I need to start planning the bachelorette party, and two, omg I have to speak at the wedding- shit.

The bachelorette party location came easily. As I mentioned in my five fun facts, Jackie and I have an unhealthy obsession with Friday Night Lights, mainly Tim Riggins. And so we’re headed to Austin, Texas, where the show was filmed. Even though the bachelorette party is still months away, with a bride like Jackie and some other type A females in the group, it was important to start planning right away. We quickly nailed down a date, but now comes the hard part. Do I send actual invitations, an evite or an email? Do I buy obnoxious and inappropriate accessories or do we class it up? Do we have a dress code one night where the bride wears one thing and we all wear another or just stick with normal clothes? Despite how fun penis necklaces can be, I think when planning the bachelorette party it’s important to focus on the bride. Jackie is one classy chick so I think sticking to a pink bride sash might be enough. It’s important to think about what will be fun and affordable for everyone, so with that in mind, wish me luck on planning.

As far as the speech goes, despite being a lawyer and publicly speaking everyday in court, I’m already nervous and the big day is still a long ways away! Do I make the speech long or short? Funny or sentimental? Written down or wing it? I think a combination of all of the above will work best- not too long but not too short, a few laughs and maybe a few tears, and a general outline written down but not word for word. I know talking about Mike and Jackie will come easily, I just have to make sure to limit myself to just one cocktail before!

I can’t tell you how fun being a MOH has already been, and how much I am looking forward to the big day. I’m so lucky to have a friend like Jackie, and I hope I can return the favor and make Jackie’s bachelorette party and big day run as smoothly as possible.

Xoxo- jaime

So do you have any advice for Jaime and her MOH duties? All I have to say is so far so great! Love you Jaime!


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