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Last Hurrah

This is Nate again. Meghan is still alive and well, just swamped with her new position at her new school, but she is loving it so much. Unfortunately, it doesn't really… keep reading

Where to?

Nate and I are both very excited to travel on our honeymoon. There are so many options though! One thing we both do not want to do is go to some resort type place. We'd like… keep reading

One thing that Nate and I still need to work out is whether to go to pre-marriage counseling or not. We kind of have a split opinion on this, as I think it would be a good… keep reading

Helping Hands

Thinking about all the things we can do to make our wedding special is exciting, and to truly make it an unforgettable experience we know we need to include our friends… keep reading

Make it your own!

"One of the many reasons I love Nate is coming home to one of his great meals."  This is what he reminds me tonight as I get home.  'Tis true! Tonight was no exception. He… keep reading