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  The Bridal Wave Contest is over tomorrow and this is my final post! I'm more excited than ever now for my wedding and I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU" to… keep reading

All My Girls!

Let's talk bachelorette parties. Yes I meant to make that plural! My Besties are super spread out, but I must celebrate my last days of single hood with ALL my sistas… keep reading

Living in Sin.

Would you live in Sin? This topic is bound to spark some conversation. There’s been many articles, books, songs, and poems written about it and I’m sure… keep reading

Wedding Hair

As everyone woman knows, your hair can make or break you....especially during your wedding. I love wedding hair! There's really only three major ways to wear your… keep reading

Meet My Groom!

"Hey how's it going, Dimitre here! Thank god Rachel is planning this wedding and you all are helping her cuz she's really into it! And it's not my most favorite thing to… keep reading

The Dress!

One of the most delicious parts of planning any wedding is picking "The Dress". However, I recommend not trying on any dresses until you have your wedding date,… keep reading

Meet Rachel Green

A theater graduate of the University of Maryland, Rachel Green grew up in a small southern Maryland town and is a former Redskin Cheerleader. After college she… keep reading