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Spanish Chicken Bake

View the Full Recipe on Cookmore.com.Many people may think that eating well and eating on a budget may not go hand-in-hand. It can, but only if you know how to use budget… keep reading

Cider Braised Turkey

View the Full Recipe on Cookmore.com.Dry turkey is for the birds. For a truly moist turkey, turn to braising. (warning, the accompanying photo is of a chicken, which… keep reading

Caprese Galette

View the Full Recipe on Cookmore.com.This recipe for Caprese Galette takes an simple Italian salad, Caprese, made with fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese,… keep reading

Squash Gratin

View the Full Recipe on Cookmore.com.During the holidays, people usually are set on the main components of their holiday meal. Whether the main dish is a turducken,… keep reading