Today is the last edition of BAMOH Corner which means the end of my Bridal Wave experience is also coming to a close. Thank you Shannon for sharing your views and learnings from the wedding process! I think I can speak for everyone and say that I have enjoyed reading your weekly postings! And now with out further ado here is Shannon’s last BAMOH Corner …

The Single Girl To Do List 


Today is officially the last BAMOH corner blog, and I have been struggling throughout the day on picking a topic that would best finish off BAMOH corner.


I asked around for advice on the final topic but unfortunately didn’t find much help and in fact when I asked my boyfriend for advice his response was ‘Well I’d write about how amazing your English boyfriend is and how happy you are that he is gonna be your date. So happy in fact that if he doesn’t get Steak you’ll be giving him yours.” Sorry, James but that is just not the case as I love Steak too much to sacrifice it!


With that being said I thought that the most appropriate way to finish off my blog is to leave Courtney with a list of agenda items she should do before the big day. We are only (roughly) 6 weeks away from the big day, and Court’s single days are coming to an end. I feel that there are probably a few last minute things Court should experience in her ‘single’ life before saying ‘I Do’ to Mr. Michael Moon.


  1. Go to a strip club
  2. Visit the Spa & go shopping – Once you are married Michael might want to have a say in your expenses
  3. Have a girls night out and drink lots of Martinis
  4. Cheer against the Georgia Bulldogs in a game – Sorry Moon Face


So, ladies and gents help me out….What do you think should be added to the list, and what is essential for Court to do over the next few days/weeks? Let’s give Court A LOT of agenda items as this is the FINAL BAMOH CORNER, help out with your suggestions.


Peace out friends :)



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