In the words of Gene Kelly in one of my favorite all time movies, Singin’ in the Rain…


“Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance”


I can only hope that Michael and I float across the dance floor much like Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in that movie, however, I feel our dance skills might fall a little short.  That is why we have attempted to take a few dance lessons before the big first dance and tonight is our last of 3 classes.  Now, I know that 3 dance classes are not going to allow for miracles to happen but we have had a lot of fun going.  Our main goal was to learn a few steps so when our song comes on and all of our guest’s eyes are focused on us we would be able to do more than stand in the middle of the dance floor swaying back and forth.  I don’t want to give away all our moves but I think we have accomplished this.  Let’s just hope we don’t choke and forget all that we have learned!


As many of you mentioned in my Favorite things about weddings blog some of your favorite wedding moments are the first dance.  So, I was wondering if you have any stories about great first dances that you have seen at past weddings? Or does anyone out there have any suggestions for Michael and I on our first dance?


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