If you didn’t know today is National Punctuation Day, a day to celebrate and embrace great punctuation.  So, in honor of this very important day I thought we should discuss writing.  Writing wedding vows that is!


As you might have noticed with Michael’s Engagement Poem he enjoys writing.  I on the other hand often struggle with writers block.  Therefore, when we sat down to discuss the age old debate of writing our own vows or using the traditional ones we were not sure which way to go.  On one hand the traditional vows are tried and true; they have worked for hundreds of years so why mess with a good thing?  On the other hand writing your own vows allows you to really personalize your ceremony and focus on what makes the bride and groom’s relationship so special.  So what is a bride to do, stick to tradition or go wild with vow writing?  


What do you think?  For those who are already married did you write your own vows?  If Michael and I go down this route what challenges did you face when writing your vows that we should be mindful of?  I for one would be nervous about not finding the perfect words.  For those of you who have been to weddings did you like unique vows written by the bride and groom or would you prefer to stick with the traditional ones?  Any advice on what Michael and I should do, we really would love to hear what you think!


As always we can’t wait to hear your opinions and be sure to check out the blogs that were written over the weekend.  Michal’s most genius blog yet, Happy Wife… Happy Life and for all of our out of town guests Tips on Michigan Driving.


PS – Only 47 days left to the wedding and Happy Punctuation day!