how to make embroidery thread eggs for easter

Easter is another fun season for family, food, and crafts that you can do together as a family. Embroidery thread eggs are an easy craft that yield impressive results that can be used as an Easter table centerpiece or can be strung with yarn to adorn a mantle or decorate a window. I want to show you how to create your own Embroidery Thread Easter Eggs for a fun decoration in your home.

materials needed for easter egg decor

Let’s begin with our supplies list. You will need embroidery thread (in any of your favorite colors), Sta-Flo Liquid Starch (available in the laundry aisle), water balloons, a balloon pump, plastic bowls and newspaper, an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll (cut into sections to make drying stands), and a pin to pop your balloons.


Instructions for Making Embroidery Thread Eggs

1. Fill your water balloon with air to the desired size using your balloon pump. Tie the end of the to make easter egg directions step by step

2. Using one bundle of embroidery thread, Wrap your balloon up and down, side to side, and all around to cover the balloon with the thread. Each balloon should take one entire bundle of embroidery thread. Finish by weaving the end in underneath another section of thread to secure to make easter eggs step by step instructions

3. Fill a plastic bowl with the fabric starch. Roll your string-covered balloon in the starch, coating all sides and both ends of the balloon.  For smaller hands, you can also use a paintbrush to paint the fabric starch on.

4. Using a cut up empty paper towel or toilet bowl roll, stand your balloon upright in it to dry over a piece of newspaper.
Repeat the process for as many eggs as you might want for your bowl or garland.

5. Allow the eggs to dry overnight.

6. In the morning, use a pin to pop the balloon. Once the balloon is popped, pull the balloon out gently with your fingers or a set of tweezers.

embroidery easter egg decor

By choosing festive colors, you have a beautiful centerpiece for your table for the Easter holiday that is kid-created and mom-approved for a touch of beauty to your decor! I know I am excited to show these off this year when we host our Easter gathering.

I also loved these so much that I found the perfect place for them in our family room and plan to make more of these for other areas of our home in soft neutral colors.

Happy Easter, everyone!

What are your favorite Easter crafts to create with your kids? Feel free to chime in!