So this past weekend was seriously full of everything wedding. I sometimes think to myself,  “what will I do once this wedding is over?” I mean a whole lot of my free time is taken up with blogging about weddings, planning weddings, attending weddings… I think you get it.


So not only did I tape my Bridal Wave episode this weekend about wedding showers, but I also attended a wedding and spent all Sunday at a bridal show. YUP wedding overload.


So I’m not sure about you, but I had no idea about Bridal Expos prior to becoming a bride-to-be. I should have known these things existed as the wedding industry is a money making machine.


typically crowded bridal expo


I have found the bridal shows to be good for exposure to vendors and things for wedding that might be considered newer or trendy. Just like yesterday, I found out that there is a company that will put together hotel goodie bags for you. So there really is something out there for everything and these expos/shows expose you to things you might otherwise miss.


I also kind of hoped that by attending wedding shows that I would possibly get deals or discounts just by attending. And you do if you are going to be booking any of the vendors at the show. But for me, I kind of decided on my vendors immediately and therefore missed out on these sorts of deals. I have to say though that I did land my first discount thanks to yesterday’s show.. YES! (See Mike – I’m trying to save money!)


The event we attended yesterday was seriously a marathon. We had to walk to 24 different places around downtown in order to get the swag bag at the last stop. I have to thank Alex and Jaime for going through the whole thing with me yesterday. Great friends or what?


Alex & I after completing the final stop! Excited or excited?


So when you were planning your wedding or any event how did you seek out vendors? Have you ever used a consultant before or party planner? Did you find Bridal Shows helpful when planning? Was this the only way to seek deals and discounts? Or would you be interested in this kind of thing when you do get married?


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