The Bridal Wave Contest is over tomorrow and this is my final post! I’m more excited than ever now for my wedding and I just wanted to say, “THANK YOU” to everyone who blogged with me and left us advice.  And A huge “THANK YOU” to Bridal Wave for this fabulous experience. It’s been great fun and I learned so much about honoring our parents, wedding hair, makeup, vows, veils, decor, invitations, bachelorette parties, dieting, dresses, groom’s wear, music, cakes, photographers, and more. Even though this started out as a wedding contest, because of you all, it quickly turned into something much more meaningful and rewarding. I am so deeply touched and honored that you all took time out of your busy lives to blog with me about my wedding details. Your advice, comments and good wishes deeply touched my heart and enriched the whole wedding planning experience for me tenfold. Thanks for that and for making Dimitre and I feel so darn special! Any final thoughts, please leave them here!

CHEERS to Bridal Wave for creating the contest, show and this awesome forum!

and MUCH LOVE and BIG MONSTER HUGS to all of you!