Alfie Intelligent Personal Shopper

Modern technology was supposed to make life easier and more relaxing. Computers and robots were going to do all the work for us, right? But have you noticed that we’re busier now than ever before? The to-do list gets longer while the days seem to get shorter. How will we ever get that elusive Vaporeon and become a Pokemaster if we never have any free time?

Say hello to Alfie, the new voice controlled intelligent shopper that’s going to knock some errands off your to-do list. With Alfie, your shopping needs are just a tap and an app away. Simply press the TALK button on the top of the unit and tell Alfie what you need. The Alfie folks will get to work fetching your items while you go about your day.


Alfie works with the Kenmore Alfie app to help you find, select and order items. Running out of coffee filters? Tap the device and tell Aflie what you need. While you’re busy doing other things, Alfie will find the best deal on coffee filters and then send you an alert. You an use the Alfie app or the Aflie device to review, select and complete the purchase.

Unlike many shopping apps and gadgets, Alfie is assisted by living, breathing personal shoppers. With that added human touch, Alfie is smarter than the average app. Beyond the basics, Alfie can shop around for birthday gifts and other items for special occasions. Simply feed Alfie some information and let the personal shopping team find suggestions for you. You’ll be alerted to check the app to review the items.

With the growing assortment of smart appliances and now the Alfie intelligent shopper, Kenmore Appliances is working to make your life easier.

Check out Alfie today and see how it can make fetch happen for you.