Kenmore Elite Black Stainless Microwave

Like many microwave owners, I tend to think of that handy little hot box as a way to reheat leftovers and make popcorn. But of course the humble microwave can go way beyond the basics, as proven by these eight recipes.

You can make hard boiled eggs in the microwave? Yes! This Kenmore recipe video will show you how.

For those nights when you need a quick sweet fix, try this Microwave Apple Pie from Cookmore.

When it’s the heat of summer and you want fresh baked cookies but you DON’T want to turn on the oven, try this Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup from No. 2 Pencil.

Roasting garlic has a way of mellowing the pungent flavor of this member of the onion family. This recipe from The Kitchn isn’t technically roasting it but it does get similar results in a fraction of the time.

For harried mornings and dorm room dining, these Mason Jar Pancakes from The Mama’s Girls are sure to be a big hit.

What’s better than a bag of potato chips? A batch of freshly made Microwave Potato Chips from Sarah Hearts, that’s what.

This Corn on the Cob recipe from Keeping Up with the Joneses purports to be easier and less messy than the old fashioned way. We’re totally willing to give it a try.

When you get that hankering for a meal like Mom used to make, but you want a single serving option, try this Meatloaf in a Mug recipe from Taste of Home.

Whether over-the-range (like the Black Stainless Microwave shown at the top of this post) or a countertop model, Kenmore has a wide range of microwaves for your everyday cooking needs. Shop the widest selection of Kenmore appliances exclusively at Sears