Ok, maybe not completely about the appetizers, there’s still the ads everyone obsesses over every year, the chance to get together with friends and family for a few hours, and I suppose there’s actually a football game somewhere in the mix too. But no one can argue that the big star at every Super Bowl party is the food. People go all out to deliver a smorgasbord worthy of an offensive line, and since calories don’t count during holidays and sporting events, people tend to down chicken wings and chili by the bucketful. But some go above and beyond the norm. These enterprising souls deliver Super Bowl vittles so delicious, so unbelievably delectable, that they can’t possibly keep them to themselves.

And that’s why they post the recipes on their blogs.

We’ve gathered our favorite Super Bowl recipes from bloggers who know good food when they see it and linked to them below. Click on through and check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Because seriously…bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno peppers???

  • Grill Grrrl brings us a huge roundup of some of the most tempting recipes I’ve seen for the big game in years. She kicks things off with the aforementioned bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and continues to rock our world hard with everything from grilled Italian sausage grinders to chipotle sriracha wings that would likely bring tears to the eyes of spice-lovers.
  • Special Fork knows not to mess too much with a classic and tosses out one of the most perfect guacamole recipe in existence. Tortilla chips + guacamole = Super Bowl perfection.
  • David Leite points the finger at “tired game-day grub” and offers up what he calls “girlie man Super Bowl recipes.” I don’t know how girlie chorizo, chili cheese fondue and freakin’ awesome cookies are, but if that’s what passes for lady like these days, I’m going to be hitting up waaaay more bridge nights, tea parties and knitting circles.

And no matter which way you go, have fun, be safe, and watch out for flying BBQ sauce. That stuff doesn’t come out easily. Trust me – I speak from experience. Just ask my wife!