Well the time has come; today is my last Bridal Wave blog post.

This experience has been amazing!  Over the past 2 months I have learned so much from all of the blogs and from all of the great comments and from the Bridal Wave shows themselves!  We have heard from brides, grooms, maids of honor, mother-of-the-brides, mother-of-the-grooms and so many more. And the range of topics has been incredible, picking the dress, the ring, the venue, the honeymoon, traditions, DIY projects, hair and make up… I could go on and on!

(if you missed the episode check it out now…)

If I had to pick my favorite thing about writing these blogs it would be the opportunity to get everyone’s “two cents” on each of the topics. All of the comments have really opened my eyes to how everyone else views and sees a wedding and more importantly the advice I have gotten has been priceless?  I can honestly say that Michael and I have had a great time participating in Bridal Wave season 2 and I think it has allowed for our family and friends to be more involved with the wedding planning process and maybe created a little anticipation for the big day.


But now, it is time to give a huge thank you to the people responsible for making this all possible.   Thank you toKenmore and to the entire staff of Bridal Wave.  You truly have given Michael and me a unique wedding planning experience, one that we will never forget!  Thank you for the memories that you have allowed us to make and for allowing us to share our story.


I think it’s time to raise our glasses and toast Kenmore and the entire staff of Bridal Wave and I hope you will all join me in saying a very big Thank You for letting us be part of the show and the blogs!


PS – only 43 days away, any last minute advice?