So as the wedding planning forges on, I keep coming up with new things to talk about. It is kind of amazing how many wedding topics there really are to talk about. If you remember I talked about flowers last week. And the topic of flowers, kind of brings me to my next subject.

Centerpieces are sort of a big deal. The centerpieces bring together all of the decor at a wedding. They are displayed in the middle of each table. They also let your guests know which table is theirs. Centerpieces are one thing that for sure people will notice. I also think a centerpiece at a wedding is another way to really make a statement and let your style shine on your day.

I think the most common centerpieces include a floral arrangement in some sort of vase. I’ve actually been to several weddings lately that did not include flowers in their centerpieces, which was definitely a nice change. The table should also be labeled so that your guests know where to sit. I really love the idea when people have a theme at their wedding and play on that for the labels of the tables instead of just using your basic numbers. I have seen Chicago street names, cities that couples vacationed, etc. Honestly, I’ll probably just stick with numbers, but I give major props to those that thing outside the box a little.

Mike and I attended his cousin’s wedding in Napa back in June. Their centerpiece was a wine flight which was so totally perfect for their Napa wedding. They also gave them away at the end of the night to the person who had a sticker under their chair. I thought that was something really fun and different.

I’m not sure how other people feel about centerpieces. I mean is this a subject that people even care about? Do you ever sit at your assigned table and critique? I know I don’t appreciate a really tall centerpiece if I want to talk to people across the table. Or I definitely know that I don’t want the centerpiece blocking my view of the speeches or the first dance!

So what do you think? How much attention do you pay to the centerpieces? Do you have any ideas to share? Or what kind of centerpieces have you seen at weddings you have attended that caught your eye?

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