10 Scary Things You’ll Find Around the House (And How to Get Rid of Them!)

October 26, 2016 by Kenmore

Haunted houses may be scary, but what really gets our bones rattling are everyday horrors around the home! If any of these problems are creeping around your house, don’t worry – we’ve got the solutions you need.

Pet hair and dander everywhere
You love Fido and Mr. Mittens more than anything, but their hair… not so much. Ensure your furniture and floors stay fur-free, and allergy-prone friends can visit, when you clean using our Pet HandiMate® accessory brush. It easily and effectively removes dirt and stubborn pet hair from upholstery and stairs.

Stains on furniture
That spilled red wine won’t haunt your furniture for much longer. If the piece can be cleaned with water, mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap with 2 cups of cool water, and use a cloth to blot the stain with the mixture. Avoid rubbing the stain, as it could damage the fabric. Blot again with water and then press dry with a cloth or paper towel. Repeat if necessary.

If your furniture can’t be cleaned with water, use vinegar or vodka on a cloth to blot the stains. If you decide you want to go with any chemical cleaners, spot test first on a discrete place!

Dry air
A humidifier is the best defense against dry skin, parched sinuses and other problems dry, cold weather brings. 

Cobwebs in high-ceiling spaces
The only webs we enjoy around the house are the decorative, store-bought kind. Take care of creepy, crawly spaces with a canister vacuum with top-to-bottom cleaning capabilities! A stair grip helps keep this vac upright as you work your way up the stairs, while the 7’ vacuum hose helps you reach high-up places.

Horrifyingly tall stack of dirty dishes in the sink
Your night of pumpkin carving was a blast, but the sink pile of odd-shaped tools you used is a bit of a nightmare. Our dishwasher with a removable third rack provides 37% more loading area to clean an entire flatware collection, knives and small carving utensils so you don’t have to handwash!

Dusty guest bedding and sheets
From afar, your guest room looks inviting. Get closer and, well…it might be a little more obvious that the room hasn’t been used in a while. Good news: only a little refresh and dusting is needed. Even better news: it won’t take long because you can throw all the bedding in one load when you use this impeccable washer and dryer. Boasting 6.2 cu. ft. in the washer and 9.2 cu. ft. in the dryer, it’s the largest Kenmore® laundry pair ever.

Stubborn, stuck-on kitchen grime
You try your best to clean up after food prep, getting to the dishes after every meal, weekend cleaning, and so on. However, there are still those problem areas in the kitchen that you’re positive will never be clean again (we’re looking at you oven grates). That is, before this handy list of hacks for cleaning stubborn kitchen messes.

Funky odors in the microwave
The tuna casserole leftovers you reheated for lunch were delicious, but not exactly the smell you want lingering. To deodorize your microwave, place a mixture of 1 cup of water and half a cup of lemon juice inside a microwave-safe container and run on high for about 3 to 5 minutes. Let stand for 5 minutes before removing and say “ta-ta” to tuna!  

Boring Halloween snacks
If you’re throwing a monster bash at your place, the only spooky twist to your pizza delivery will be just how long it takes to be delivered. Up the festivities with some of our favorite ghoulishly delicious treats.

Forgotten leftovers in the back of the fridge
RIP leftover tomato soup you made two weeks ago… if only you had remembered to store it properly. Avoid letting leftovers pile up and rot away in the back of your refrigerator by learning how to properly freeze and package your foods for later use. Now you’ll have less wasted food and more delicious meals to look forward to!

Image credit: The-Line-Up.com 


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