16 Charts for the Easiest Party Planning

October 30, 2015 by Kenmore

You may want to bookmark this post, folks. It could save you from a hosting disaster, someday!

In our happiest dreams, we pull off a successful dinner party to choruses of “What a beautiful tablescape!” and “Did you make that gorgeous tart?” But in reality, as the last guests leave, it can feel like you’ve just been through something… challenging.

The duties of a host often require a ton of forethought and multitasking that’s nearly impossible to master. That’s why we’ve worked with the folks at Huffington Post to create a helpful list of tips that will take your hosting skills to the next level. Take a moment to read through them and keep them close at hand when planning your next get-together – they can save you time and trouble, making it easier for you to enjoy the party yourself!

serving sizes
Image: @The Chic Site

Preparing for your Perfect Dinner Party

This guide makes it super easy to draw up your shopping list. Just multiply the recommended serving size by your number of guests!

set table
Image: Pizzazerie

Finally, we know what that tiny fork is for.

proper way to set table
Image: Danielle Mandix

And based on the meal, where to put it.

napkin 1
Image: Classic Casual Home

A polished way to put your napkin holders to a more creative use.

water infusion
Image: Sugar And Charm


Some simple and lovely ways to serve water to your guests as they arrive.

cheese board
Image: The Glitter Guide / Victoria McGinley

The anatomy of a perfect cheese plate.

wine pair
Image: Decanter.com

And the perfect wines to it pair with.

cheese and beer
Image: Cooking And Beer

Don’t forget the beer lovers!

fruits and veggies
Image: And Then We Saved

The Main Course

For the kitchen: a guide to what produce is in season, so that what you serve is as fresh and flavorful as possible.

build salad
Image: The Huffington Post

Use this master chart to build the perfect first-course salad.

veggie cooking
Image: Domestic Superhero

This cooking cheat sheet is a lifesaver — you’ll never serve overcooked Brussels sprouts again.

Image: Our Best Bites

Guests will be impressed by your ability to cook steak to order.

flavor profiles
Image: CookSmarts

How to build balanced, tasty flavor profiles in your food.

plating chart
Image: Garnish Food Blog

Some easy ways to give your plating that restaurant-quality look.

dessert wine
Image: Sugar And Charm

Dessert: The perfect finish

Wow the party by thoughtfully pairing your dessert with a wine.

tea brewing
Image: Sugar and Charm

Finally, offer a comforting cup of tea to close out a successful night — perfectly brewed.

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