5 ways Kenmore smart appliances and Alexa can simplify your life

June 18, 2019 by Kenmore

We know the drill. You start racing the minute your alarm clock goes off and you never quite catch up for the rest of the day. Living the dream means …

Getting the kids out the door with a healthy breakfast, packed lunch and all their homework done.

Getting yourself to work and impressing the boss, earning a raise and getting one step closer to world domination.

Shuttling the kids to soccer or softball practice. Remembering which day is soccer and which day is softball (and not driving to the wrong field, because you would never do that).

Preparing a delicious dinner so your family can enjoy some quality time together before homework and bed.

Hey, we said it was a dream, not a reality.  

While we can’t promise you world domination, Kenmore smart appliances and Alexa skills can help simplify your life. You might not even know your Kenmore smart home devices have these mad skills.

Want to streamline your daily routine? Look for the Kenmore Smart symbol on your fridge, washer, dryer or air conditioner and download the Kenmore Smart app, pronto!

Here are the top five ways your smart appliances and Alexa can make your life less hectic:

Keep your cool

Scientific fact: Rushing around increases your body temperature. At the end of a long day, there’s no need to walk into a hot and stuffy house. Turn on your smart air conditioner or change the temperature remotely to cool the house down so you can breeze in at the end of the day calm, cool and collected.

Save money

Using your smart home app to control the temperature like you’re some sort of weather goddess also saves you money. In fact, smart home devices lower your power bill in all sorts of ways.

Your Kenmore smart fridge can notify you if one of your kids accidentally leaves the fridge door open (again). Your fridge is so smart that it can even monitor the internal temperature to keep food fresher longer (though with teenage boys around, we know leftovers don’t hang around too long).

Heading out of town? Ask Alexa to set vacation settings for your smart water heater from the road. All this efficiency leads to lower power bills, which means more money in your pocket. And more money means more vacations!

Save the planet

Kermit the frog once said that it’s not easy being green, but we disagree. Whether asking Alexa to check on the fridge door, or monitoring the temperature of your house through your Kenmore Smart app, the very same efficiencies that save you money on your power bills also make a positive impact on the environment. It’s a win-win.

Never run out of essentials 

If the cashiers at the grocery store greet you by name because you’re there so often, your smart appliances can help. You’ll never run out of essentials like laundry detergent and dishwasher pods again when you use Amazon Dash Replenishment Service with your Kenmore smart dishwasher, laundry appliances or smart refrigerator.

Ever forget to change your air and water filters in your fridge? Now you don’t have to remember. They’ll simply arrive at your door when it’s time for replacement. Bonus: Changing your filters on time will help your refrigerator last longer and work better.

Based on your use, your smart home device will know when you’re running low on things like dryer sheets and detergent, or when it’s time for a new water filter, and will automatically reorder through Amazon. Simply set up Dash Replenishment on your Kenmore Smart app using your Amazon account. It’s like having your own personal assistant who does all the work but gives you the credit.

Prepare for unexpected guests

A surprise visit from your parents or an old college roommate who’s in town for work can throw a carefully choreographed evening schedule into complete chaos. With a little help from your Kenmore Smart app and Alexa, preparing for unexpected guests no longer means faking the flu or rushing home early to get the house tidied up.

Activate your Kenmore smart home devices while you’re still at work to wash last night’s dishes or finish the load of laundry that’s in the dryer (so you can wear your cute jeans). With alerts from your smart fridge that help you keep your food fresh, you can probably even serve that salad from the other day.

While you’re at it, peek in on your air conditioner and drop the temperature a few degrees — you know how Mom is prone to hot flashes. Don’t forget to activate Accela Ice, which can crank out ice fast for Dad’s Old Fashioneds. Go ahead and pour yourself one, too. You’ve earned it.

No matter which Kenmore smart home devices you own, make sure that you’re taking full advantage of every shortcut that can help simplify your life. It’s easy to get started on the app.

If you can design a Benjamin Franklin costume the night before your kid’s fourth-grade presentation from items you dug out of the junk drawer, you can certainly figure out how to download the Kenmore Smart app and start using it today.

With all the time you’ll save, world domination might just be in the cards, after all.


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