5 Ways Technology Is Making Home Life A Little More Amazing

February 22, 2017 by Jason Loper

We may not have the flying cars and robot maids that some futuristic television shows of yesteryear had predicted, but you must admit that technology is making our home lives a little more amazing with each passing day. And Kenmore, the brand that has been on the cutting edge of home technology for over 100 years, is bringing that convenience to its appliances. Check out the 5 ways Kenmore is using tech to make everyday chores a little easier.

Do Laundry at YOUR Convenience: The new Kenmore Elite Smart Washer may not do your laundry for you, but it comes close. By connecting to the Smart Laundry app, you can remotely start and monitor laundry on your smartphone or tablet. That means you can load the washer before leaving for work but wait until close to quitting time to start the cycle. It also means that you don’t have to trudge to the laundry room just to see if the cycle is complete. You can simply check the Smart Laundry app to monitor the wash cycle.

Be Sure That Everything’s Running Smoothly: The new Kenmore Elite Smart Refrigerator is designed to keep you connected to your home wherever you go, from the palm of your hand. By connecting to the Kenmore Smart App, you can monitor and control key features of your fridge while on the go. Know when to change filters, whether the door has been left open and even remotely start the Accela Ice function to quickly refill the ice maker before a big party.

Look Into the Future: It’s not just apps that are making life easier. The new Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator with PreView Grab-N-Go Door allows you to see what’s in the fridge without ever opening the door. Great for when your hands are full and also an energy saver by limiting the number of times you open and close the door.

Be More Efficient: The Kenmore Elite Smart Hybrid Water Softener and whole house filter with WiFi connectivity lets you control your water softener anytime, anywhere from your smartphone. Using the Kenmore Smart App, you can track excessive daily water use, salt levels and potential issues, like continuous water flow, saving you money, energy and home hassles.

Monitor Your Hardest Working Home Appliances: The water heater is one of the hardest working – yet often ignored – appliances in the home. The Kenmore Smart Water Heater Module with WiFi connectivity lets you control your water heater anytime, anywhere from your smartphone. Using the Kenmore Smart App, you can adjust temperature settings to save money and energy while you’re away from home. The leak detection alert will also notify you immediately if a leak is detected, helping avoid costly repairs.

Stay tuned to the Kenmore blog for further developments in the field of home technology throughout 2017.

Jason Loper

Jason Loper is a self-professed doyen of the domestic arts. In other words, he hasn’t met a household project he hasn’t enjoyed tackling. His latest project is renovating a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed American System-Built Home in Iowa.