7 Home Hacks to Make Life Easier, Prettier and More Amazing

October 24, 2016 by Kenmore

Having a few home hacks up your sleeve can save you time, money and make your home more amazing. With a few simple supplies and/or some key ingredients, you can elevate your cooking, bring in some new decor or just knock out some of the stubborn snags you run into when you are trying to get your home ready for guests. We reached out to some of our favorite homemakers and hackers to see if they had any home hacks to share. Check out some of our favorites.


Cleaning Brass Silverware from @cw_design
“It’s pretty simple and can save your most loved pieces from looking too worn. All I do is squeeze half of a lemon into a bowl and add baking soda until the mixture forms a paste-like consistency. Then I grab an old rag, dip it in the mix, and start polishing away! A simple trick, but it makes a world of difference on dulling brass.”


Homemade Potpourri from @malhbotts
“It’s super easy to do and makes your entire home smell incredible!! All you have to do is take some apples, oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks and pumpkin spice and put it in a small pot of water on your kenmore stove top. Simmer on low and add more water as you are entertaining in the kitchen! That’s IT. I do this every year as soon as September hits.”


Easy Static Removal from @vanessa_long_dance_company
“Roll up some tinfoil and one..two…three! You’re static free! Static is a huge pain when folding laundry but using a little tinfoil in your Kenmore can solve your static situation.”


Easy DIY Chalk Board from @mariamidoes
“Had a lot of fun doing this chalkboard at home. Super simple with chalk paint and a piece of wood. You can use it as a cheese board to let your guests know what you’re serving or as a board for notes.”


Froth Your Coffee from @willbakeforbooks
“To make, just shake as much milk as you want for your coffee (preferably nonfat or 2%) in a lidded glass jar until milk is double in quantity and foamy. Then microwave without the lid for 30 seconds and watch the foam rise. Spoon into coffee and enjoy! The most important part is to have fun with it … I love the fact that I can make fancy coffee with leaving the house and that’s the real win!”


Travel Preparation from @eatlivetraveldrink
“I love being at home and spending time here. It gives me time to organize my things and go through my stuff in preparation for my next adventure. When packing, I use my iron to make sure all my clothes are pressed neatly. I then organize my clothes by type into zippered bags so I can find them easily when getting into my suitcase. My home is a lot like my suitcase, it’s organized and everything has its place. I love home because I can always find everything easily.”


Simple Decoration from @klassykinks
“I prettied up the walls of my breakfast nook by disguising the ugly (but necessary) circuit breaker with gold washi tape to make a faux gallery wall with some prints by @chefevelyn!”

These are just a few ideas to help you be amazing around the home whether it’s decorating, cleaning or cooking. Have any home hacks that help make your home amazing? We want to hear them. Add them to the comments below or show us on Instagram by tagging @Kenmore.


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