8 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund That Will Make Your Life Easier

April 15, 2016 by Jason Loper


Tax day can be a real bummer … until you realize that you’re going to get a refund out of it! And then the question is what to do with that refund. Here are a few ideas for turning that refund into little home upgrades.

Make food prep easier: Chopping is for chumps. The Kenmore Food Processor makes short work of food prep. Whether pulsing or chopping, this processor can hold up to 11 cups of your favorite concoction.

Mix it up: Why settle for a standard mixer when you can have the Kenmore Elite 6 Quart Bowl Lift-Stand Mixer. This amazing mixer uses a crank to smoothly raise and lower the bowl, has 10 mixing speeds and includes an Illumalight LED lamp for brighter viewing and better preparation.

Chill out: While tax day may be a bummer, it also means that we’re getting one step closer to summer. Prepare yourself for those hot summer days with the Kenmore Elite 8,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Smart Air Conditioner. This unique smart AC unit allows you the ability to control it over WiFi using a smart phone/tablet.

Clean up: The Kenmore 18-Volt 2-in-1 Stick Vac is perfect for quick pick ups. It uses a HEPA filter, and boasts an LED headlight so you can see where you’re cleaning.

Be a dinner winner: Say hello to easy, weeknight meals. There may be no easier way to fix dinner than with a Kenmore 7 Qt. Stainless Steel Slow Cooker. The settings on this slow cooker automatically cook food on high, switch to medium or low, and then keep the food warm until you’re ready to eat.

Save some coffee cash: Instead of giving all your extra cash to a coffee shop, switch to home brewing with the Kenmore 15 Bar Espresso Maker. The 15-bar high pressure espresso pump ensures rich, smooth coffee every time.

Upgrade your efficiency: Switching out your old water softener can save you money in the long run. The Kenmore High-Efficiency Water Softener includes demand-initiated regeneration so the system automatically regenerates only when necessary, saving you money on salt and water.

Send garbage down the drain: No more smelly garbage! The Kenmore 70321 1/2 Horsepower Deluxe Garbage Disposer with Magna Torque™ motor makes quick work of even the toughest post-meal messes by generating exceptional grinding speeds, to deliver finer grinding performance.

What are your plans for your tax refund? Tell us in the comments below!

Jason Loper

Jason Loper is a self-professed doyen of the domestic arts. In other words, he hasn’t met a household project he hasn’t enjoyed tackling. His latest project is renovating a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed American System-Built Home in Iowa.