Before & After: Courtney’s Reimagined Range Hood

March 9, 2015 by Kenmore

Before & After: Courtney's Reimagined Range Hood

When Courtney and her husband remodeled their kitchen five years ago, they installed a microwave over the range. It looked great but Courtney started to think she wanted to switch it up. They’ve come back to their kitchen project with a few more changes and, while doing so, decided to switch out the microwave for something a little different…

Before & After: Courtney's Reimagined Range

In the blog post about her kitchen refresh, Courtney credits Pinterest with kicking off her obsession with range hoods. Unfortunately, that obsession occurred after she and her husband had renovated their kitchen and installed a microwave above the range. No problem, Courtney thought, we’ll just DIY a mantel range hood. And that’s exactly what they did.

By removing the microwave above the range, Courtney was able to free up some extra space. While they were rehabbing the kitchen, Courtney also decided to retile the backsplash. The reclaimed space and the new backsplash gave her the opportunity to install a wall mounted pot filler above the range. And while the exhaust fan on the microwave was not directed to the outside, Courtney and her husband were able to vent their new exhaust out.

Although Courtney removed the microwave from above the range she’s not living without one. To replace the built-in microwave, she place a countertop microwave on an open shelf just a few steps away from the range.

Images: Golden Boys and Me


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