The Best of British Cuisine

February 10, 2011 by Kenmore

Over the past few months, our team at Kenmore headquarters has been working really hard. We’ve put a lot of love and care into launching our new range of Kenmore Elite small kitchen appliances. I have been testing a couple of them at home: the portable induction cooktop and the toaster.

As a Brit, my first thought was to prepare a classic favorite – not something Jamie, Gordon or Nigella would make – but something purely British nonetheless. I chose to prepare Heinz Baked Beans on Toast.  For some reason, very few people believe me when I describe this as a meal or even a delicacy… can’t think why! But trust me when I say that offering beans on toast to any Brit will gain you a friend for life.

Don’t get me wrong; I do love to cook, and the induction cooktop has been a revelation. After watching this video, I used it to shallow-fry salmon, which was quick, easy and tasted great to both me and my wife… almost as good as beans on toast.


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