buying a new grill? consider both features and function

July 5, 2019 by Kenmore

Calling all grill masters! Do you live for the savory sizzle of a juicy steak on the grill? This grilling season, elevate your game with the proper equipment. Do you need three burners or six? Cast iron grates, or stainless steel?

Our cheat sheet will help you find the best grill for your needs so you can take your skills to the next level. Bonus: We’ll throw in a few grilling tips and recipes to keep you on top of your game.

Charcoal vs. gas

Where do you stand on the great charcoal vs. gas debate? Take a stance and stick to it, as this is one of the first factors you’ll have to consider when choosing a grill. Both have their merits.

Fuel tends to be cheaper than charcoal, makes for easier cleanup, and takes a lot less time to fire up — which is key for Friday night grilling after a long day at work. Gas grills also give you more temperature control, which can be helpful when you’re cooking fish, veggies and other delicate dishes.

Charcoal wins the edge with the high-heat sear, which delivers tender meat and a deliciously crisp crust. It also infuses everything you cook with a savory, smoky flavor.
Grill tip:

Already have a grill? Make sure it’s operating at peak performance before tossing on those burgers, lobster tails and kabobs. Here are five easy ways to prep your grill this season.

Grilling surface

Do you live for the sizzle? Dream about those perfectly placed grill marks? When you’re searching for a grill, consider the grilling surface. If you dig the dramatic sizzle and restaurant-worthy sear marks, stick with stainless steel grates, which deliver both.

Stainless steel is generally more durable than cast iron, lasts longer and is easier to clean. Cast iron may rust or corrode over time and performs best with a bit of oil. 

Grill tip:
Always clean cast iron grates while they’re still warm to easily remove the residue.

While it may not give you the sizzle, cast iron grates get hotter than stainless steel, which is ideal for tender, medium-rare chops. Look for coated cast iron, which prevents rust and makes clean-up easier.

All the sizzle plus dual-fuel

Sold on stainless steel? The Kenmore Elite 4-Burner Gas Grill is equipped with 6mm stainless steel grates for your signature grill marks. You also get a roomy 652 square inches of grilling space so you can cook for a crowd. Can’t decide between gas and charcoal? You can have both with this dual-fuel grill.

And because grill masters deserve a few extra bells and whistles, this one comes with a pair of halogen lights so you can see what you’re doing after the sun goes down. There’s also a handy slide-out tray for the propane tank so you don’t break your back when it’s time to refuel.

Grill tip:
From letting the meat rest to keeping a bowl of ice handy, these 10 helpful grilling tips can help you take your skills to the next level.

Best all-around

If you’re looking for a great all-around grill that can handle both large and small meals, a four-burner model is the way to go. These versatile grills range in price based on the features, but have more models to choose from to meet your needs and budget. And don’t overlook storage.

A grill that’s equipped with shelves and cabinets means no more schlepping back and forth to the kitchen for your supplies — or burning your unmanned hot dogs while you make a run for more buns.

Kenmore’s 4-Burner Gas Grill with Side Cart has two easily accessible shelves to hold all of your supplies and an ample 638 square inches of grilling space — plus a high-heat searing burner. Do your grilling essentials include a cold beer in one hand? This grill comes with both a bottle opener and a spot on the shelf for your beer.

Is budget your number one concern? We hear you. Get all the function and power you need for less with this Kenmore 4-Burner Grill that comes with a convenient side burner for sauces, toppings and side dishes.

Grill recipes

Ready to get grilling? Branch out from burgers with a few of our favorite grill recipes:


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