New Retro Mini Fridge: Celebrate Summer in Style!

June 20, 2024 by Kenmore

retro mini fridge

As the temperatures climb and the weather gets ickier and stickier, keeping cool is rule #1. And we have a perfect way to stay BOTH kinds of cool this summer, thanks to our new retro-style 3.3 cu. ft. compact fridge available right now at Target. Let’s take a closer look at this fun new addition to the Kenmore refrigerator lineup…

Old-School Style Meets Modern Convenience

A throwback to the sleek and stylish look of mid-20th-century appliances, this classic fridge boasts a cool retro design complete with a vintage Kenmore logo and snazzy chrome trim. The attention to detail provides more than just simple functionality… it elevates the mood with a dash of playful panache. And inside, you’ll find a generous 3.3 cu. ft. of storage space for cold drinks, fresh snacks and much more.

A Hue for Every Mood

mini retro fridge

Our retro fridge is available in four vibrant colors, allowing you to set the tone and choose the shade that best suits your space. Whether you prefer the classic look of white, the boldness of red, the serenity of pastel blue, or the hipster vibe of basic black, we have the right color for everyone.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

retro mini fridge

Don’t let the charming exterior fool you; this mini-fridge is loaded with practical features designed with your everyday needs in mind.

Separate Chiller Compartment — Store items that need to be kept extra cold, like frosty treats or heat-and-eat frozen dinners, without over-chilling the fresh-food zone. It’s a convenient way to keep your super-chilled items close at hand!

7-Level Adjustable Thermostat — With its 7-level adjustable thermostat, you can easily customize the cool to match your needs. Whether you need to keep your beverages icy-cold or your fresh foods at serving temperature, flexibility and control are right at your fingertips.

Adjustable Glass Shelves — Interior organization is made simple with two full-width glass shelves that you can adjust to accommodate larger items as needed. The smooth glass surface not only adds to the sleek retro look, but also makes cleanup a breeze. Spills and crumbs wipe away quickly, so the inside stays spotless.

Handy Beverage Storage

Our new mini-fridge offers smart storage solutions that maximize its compact space efficiently. That means your cold beverages can stay close at hand, and the fun never ends!

6-Can Dispenser — For those who love their canned beverages (and you know who you are), this built-in dispenser is a game-changer. Enjoy easy access to your favorite sodas, sparkling waters, or beers without taking up precious shelf space. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference in organization and accessibility.

2-Liter Bottle Storage — Gone are the days of struggling to fit large bottles into a mini-fridge. The Kenmore retro-style mini-fridge includes dedicated 2-liter bottle storage, ensuring that your full-size beverages have their own designated spot.

ENERGY STAR® Efficiency

We’re proud to say that our newest compact fridges generates maximum fun while minimizing your energy footprint. It’s ENERGY STAR® Certified, so it meets and exceeds the high standards of energy-efficiency set by the EPA and helps to conserve our precious natural resources (while helping you save on your power bills, too).

A Touch of Style for Any Space

If you’re looking to add a touch of retro flair to your home while still enjoying the benefits of modern technology, the new Kenmore retro-style mini-fridge is a brilliant choice. It’s more than just an appliance; it’s a statement piece that brings a touch of character, practical convenience and old-fashioned fun to your everyday life.

It’s the perfect addition to virtually any entertainment space, office, dorm room, or anywhere else you need extra food and beverage storage.

Also Available:
The Perfect Party Sidekick!

Kenmore’s retro-style micro-fridge is just big enough to handle a six-pack of 12 oz. cans. It provides perfect portability for personal spaces, travel, offices, dorms, road trips, boating, camping, tailgating, commuting… you name it! It plugs into standard home outlets or 12-volt car chargers (2 plugs included). Pro Tip: it’s also the perfect storage space for cosmetics, moisturizers and skin-care products.


The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about compact mini-refrigerators.

How cold does a mini-fridge get?

The inside temperature of this Kenmore retro-style mini-fridge can get as low as 32 degrees (F) in its separate chiller zone, so frozen dinners and cold treats like ice cream won’t melt. The fresh-food area can easily be set to seven different temperature settings, depending on your cooling needs.

What are the size dimensions of this Kenmore compact mini-fridge?

The exterior measures 29.25 Inches (H) x 14.49 Inches (W) x 15.51 Inches (D). This provides 3.3 cu. ft. of total storage inside. It weighs only 42-1/3 lbs.


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