Choosing the Right Indoor Air Purifier

December 22, 2023 by Kenmore

Indoor Air Purifier

We all know the benefits of breathing fresh, clean air. Spending more time outdoors contributes to cleaner lungs, better moods, lower heart rate, increased energy levels and even improved digestion*. But similar benefits extend to indoor air quality, also.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), cleaner indoor air

  • improves learning and productivity,
  • protects against outdoor air pollutants such as smog and wildfire smoke, and
  • decreases the number of environmental triggers for conditions like asthma and allergies

The EPA also reports indoor air quality can contain 2 to 5 times the concentration of pollutants compared to outdoor air. Which makes finding a way to achieve the best indoor air quality a worthy investment.

Choosing the Ideal Air Purifier

In our pursuit of healthy living, air purifiers serve as invaluable tools for enhancing indoor air quality. It may not be possible to install air purifiers everywhere you and your family spend time. Try placing one in areas where you spend the most time, such as living and sleeping areas. Doing so can ensure a continuous supply of fresh, clean air during crucial hours like sleep, study and working time.

This placement minimizes overall exposure to pollutants. It also contributes to creating an environment conducive to well-being and productivity.

But not all air purifiers are equal. Choosing the right purifier can mean better filtration, smarter performance, and cleaner air.

Key Features of an Effective Air Purifier

When shopping for an indoor air purifier, there are several features you will want to make sure any model has. You’ll want to look for product specifics pointing to improved overall performance. You will also want to look for features enabling a disruption-free clean.

True HEPA Filter

When selecting an air purifier, prioritize models equipped with a “True HEPA filter.” This technology captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Said simpler, it removes visible dirt and dust. But it also removes microscopic irritants like pet dander, providing a breath of truly fresh air.

Activated Charcoal Layer

The inclusion of an activated charcoal layer in the filtration process is paramount. This layer efficiently eliminates odors caused by dander, smoke, cooking, and other pollutants. This ensures the air we breathe is not only clean but also free from any unpleasant smells.

Energy Efficiency for Eco-Friendly Living

In our endeavor to maintain eco-friendly practices, energy-efficient appliances take center stage. Opt for air purifiers that consume minimal energy, effectively reducing carbon emissions and their impact on outdoor air quality. Kenmore’s range of purifiers operates with the same energy consumption as a single light bulb. This provides you with peace of mind as you prioritize air quality without compromising the environment.

Smart and Seamless Integration

Square Footage

How large is the space you want the air purifier to support? Some brands can clean effectively but only up to 100-200 square feet.

The Kenmore 1200emodel purifies up to 1,200 square feet with super low energy consumption. This is based on one air change per hour.

Need less? The 850e model supports up to 850 square feet. Need more? We offer models covering up to 2300 square feet.

Matching the unit to your square footage means you get the most effective clean with the most effective use of energy.

Smart Technology

Embrace the convenience of technology with smart, connected air purifiers. There are several wifi-enabled units in the market. With a smart unit, you can monitor your air quality real-time, to confirm how your unit is working. You can also adjust your fan speed remotely, responding to changes in quality.

The Kenmore 2300e model allows you to set run timers from your mobile device. This gives you control over when and how you want the device to run, no matter where you are. The Kenmore smart app also lets you order replacement filters, simplifying ongoing use. And it’s priced under $300.

Harmonizing with Your Space

An ideal air purifier should blend seamlessly with your living environment. Some air purifiers are effective cleaners but the noise they emit can interrupt studying, conference calls, or watching television. The style of the device can also be in harsh contrast to your surroundings. Both of these issues can make the air purifier too obvious and could make you less likely to use.

Kenmore’s line of air purifiers operates at 25db on the lowest fan setting. The Center for Disease Control reports a whisper registers at 30db. Quieter than a whisper with a simple, seamless design means you won’t even notice it’s there.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Every Season

The EPA also reports Americans spend on average 90% of their time indoors. Knowing this, clean air in our homes, our schools, and anywhere else we frequent is incredibly important any time of year.

Cleaner air should be both accessible and eco-friendly. Kenmore offers affordable, ENERGY STAR® rated models supporting a broad range of spaces. But whichever brand you choose, following the shopping tips above will ensure it provides the most effective clean for any space.

Shop our collection of air purifiers by visiting or Amazon. Read more on the importance of improving indoor air quality for students.

No health claims are stated or implied with the use of portable air filtration devices. Portable air filtration is not a health management device and cannot cure, prevent, or treat medical conditions.

HEPA System filters dirt, dust, and non-living matter such as pet dander.

Kenmore air purifiers use less energy than a 50W light bulb.

*St. Mary’s Health System,


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