Clean Freak Frank Holiday Gift Guide

November 4, 2014 by Kenmore


When we say “clean freak,” we mean it in a very loving, informative and slightly jealous manner. Clean Freak Frank is the kind of character who is a little OCD … but in a good way. They’re neat, organized and have just about every other trait we’re all still striving to work toward for ourselves. And of course their house is impeccable, right down to the vacuum lines in the carpet.

This character will definitely appreciate all of these gift suggestions to help make their everyday process a little easier.

First up, our most powerful upright vacuum cleaners.* Our Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner has a beltless Direct Drive 3-Motor system for low-maintenance upkeep. Plus, the Inducer Motor delivers 20% more air power** to remove dirt and debris. Talk about a good power clean! Now they won’t glare too hard at you when you forget to take your shoes off before going in the living room … probably.

With flu season about to go into full swing, we already know the Clean Freak Franks of the world are going to even more extreme cleaning measures. Might as well join them in taking clean to a whole new level, and pick up a Kenmore Tower Air Cleaner so your germaphobe friend can feel even more cozy in their home.

For our big ticket gift idea, try this Kenmore Elite 5.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer and Matching Dryer  set. Clean freaks can rejoice, because using the UltraWash cycle makes this washer the best cleaning washing machine in its class.*** Plus, Accela-Wash uniquely combines Smart Motion™ technology and Jet Rinse to get loads clean in just 39 minutes!**** And even better, Steam Treat® virtually eliminates the need to pretreat stains by tackling tough, set-in messes with the deep cleaning power of steam.***** Not that we believe this person is actually capable of creating stains, but hey, they now have the tools to clean up after others who aren’t as pristine.

You could even create a handy little laundry tip book to go with your gift as a nice thoughtful touch. Check out the rest of our blog to gather your favorite tips.

Another big ticket gift idea would be one of our new Kenmore Built-In Dishwashers, because no one cleans and dries better.****** They’ll love having clean dishes ready and sparkling.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough ideas, but if you want to skip to a full list of hand-picked gifts for your character? Click Here.

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*Rated based on ASTM F558.
**As compared to previous Kenmore Intuition upright suction motors.
***Among leading brands top load washers, 5.0 cu. ft. and larger. Based on AHAM cleaning score using 8 lb. load on Heavy Duty cycle.
****With Accela-Wash feature activated washing an 8 lb. load on Normal cycle.
*****Based on 4 common stains placed on 100%, XL cotton t-shirts, Heavy Duty cycle with Steam Treat option.
******Among leading brands with stainless steel tub. Among leading brands with sensor based, plastic tub dishwasher.


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