Prepare A Welcoming Holiday Guest Room

December 11, 2009 by Kenmore

Usually, your job as holiday host ends when guests leave. But sometimes, they stay! Expected or not, if you have overnight visitors, you’ll want a comfortable space for them. Here are some ways to create a guest room that’s warm, stylish and even matches your guests’ tastes.

Good taste in the guest room

Keep your guest room layout open and inviting. Use minimal furniture, but try to make each piece work harder. Select an overall palette of warm or cool colors, depending on your décor, and use minimal accent colors to keep the space serene.

Even with limited space, you can create a private area for guests. Use screens or fabric panels to close off areas, or stackable boxes to create a divider and provide storage. A collapsible luggage stand is another way to make living out of a suitcase easier on your loved ones.

An extra room, like an office, makes an easy transformation into a guestroom with a few key pieces. Select a comfortable sofa bed and end tables with good reading lamps to serve as night tables.

A personalized gift basket extends a warm welcome. Before guests visit, learn their favorite scents and flavors, then create a basket of scented toiletries and favorite midnight snacks. Consider keeping a few guest robes on hand. Or present your guest with a pretty throw as a keepsake of their visit.

Last-minute guests: Five effortless steps to smarten your home

  • Focus your energy on the areas guests spend the most time in. Make guest baths and bedrooms inviting with fresh flowers and special linens.
  • De-clutter! Remove unnecessary items, like toys and paperwork, from the living area and kitchen and replace with simple, stylish accessories.
  • Food is the greatest accessory. Set out simple snacks, like cookies, on artful serving dishes (avoid quick-to-spoil foods) for all-day nibbling. Freshly baked treats will inspire holiday spirit.
  • Make a first impression with an elegant entryway. Add a berry wreath for unexpected color. Cover the floor with a warm area rug to guard it from tracked-in salt and snow and protect stocking feet.
  • Organize closets and bookshelves with attractive storage boxes. They hide clutter and make locating day-to-day items easy.


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