Create or Update a Home Office

August 20, 2009 by Kenmore

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A properly organized home office can make your daily tasks more enjoyable and efficient – whether you’re running a business from home or managing a household.

Three steps to improve your home office
Taking time to create a well-organized space can make accomplishing daily tasks easier and quicker. Use these three easy steps.

1. De-clutter the desktop
Keep the desktop clear of electronics and cords. If your desk allows, drill a small hole in the surface to catch electrical cords, or corral cords together with a clip. Use a rollaway cart for your printer, fax machine and reams of paper. Invest in new shelves and storage bins for extra file storage.

2. Organize and simplify
Store staplers, pens, pencils and other supplies in drawers. Purge files. Archive anything dating beyond one year. Use vintage trunks, decorative boxes or old suitcases for extra storage.

3. Personalize it
If bright, bold colors inspire you, use them to your advantage. If subdued hues help you to focus, use them as the basis for your design. Accent either style with one punchy accent color.

PROJECT: Create a drop-down desk
Feeling crafty? Spend a weekend day installing a drop-down work surface in your home.


  • Scrap wood in oak, pine, etc. that can be stained to match existing mill-work in the house OR ½” thick plywood.
  • Wood blocking to run between wall studs in a closet or nook (for support when mounting the desk)
  • 1 or 2 hinged drop-down leaf support hinges or hinged shelf supports (depending on desk’s size)
  • Piano hinge
  • Staining or painting materials
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill and screw
  • Saw or table saw

1. Measure the area to determine the width and depth of the desk. Cut scrap wood or plywood to match your dimensions, and cut blocking pieces to match width of the desk. TIP: Most lumber supply stores will cut wood for you if you provide measurements.
2. Sand the surface and edges of the desk so they are smooth to the touch.
3. Stain or paint one side of the wood the color of your choice.
4. Attach blocking with screws to a wall with studs.
5. Center the piano hinge on the unfinished side of the desk, then screw in the free side of the piano hinge along the edge of the blocking.
6. Finish by installing drop-down leaf support hinges to the wall, then the desk.

How have you transformed a room into a home office?


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