A Quick Plan: Update Your Home Decor

October 23, 2009 by Kenmore

Whenever I start a redesign project (big or small), I break it down into short steps. This helps me stay on task so I finish on time and don’t get overwhelmed.

And you might think giving your living space a new look takes a lot of time, but it’s actually doable if you break up each task and room into quick blocks of time.

Following the room-by-room plan below, you can complete a quick decor update that will make your living space pop!

Feel free to make any adjustments to fit your living space and schedule. And let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear how your update turns out!


  • 15 minutes: Replace light bulbs with warmer, softer versions to give your kitchen a little restaurant ambience.
  • 30 minutes: Shop Kenmore.com for new countertop appliances. A cohesive look on the counters really pulls the space together.
  • 60 minutes: Add self-adhesive decorative paper to the back “walls” of glass-door cabinets, or the front panels of framed cabinets, for a funky and colorful look.

Dining room

  • 15 minutes: Mix and match your china sets for a unique and visually appealing tabletop.
  • 30 minutes: Add an area rug under your dining room table or switch the existing rug with one from another room.
  • 60 minutes: For an inviting look, remove dishes from your china cabinet and set your table with them. Fill empty spots in the cabinet with moss balls, flowers or greenery for a whimsical touch.

Living room

  • 15 minutes: Stack visually appealing books on your coffee table and top them with a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with candy or apples to add color and detail.
  • 30 minutes: Rearrange your bookshelves; replace some books with flowers, picture frames or other attractive accessories.
  • 60 minutes: Paint the interior back panels of bookcases a contrasting color to make your displays pop.


  • 15 minutes: Buy an attractive lidded basket to hold toilet tissue or other supplies.
  • 30 minutes: Purchase a new shower curtain and hang it a bit higher than you think it should be; it will help your bathroom feel larger.
  • 60 minutes: Make a skirt for your bathroom sink. It’s a good alternative to bare pipes and lets you tuck away items you’d rather keep private.

Kids’ rooms

  • 15 minutes: Custom-order decorative adhesive decals online. Spend another 15 minutes applying to bedroom walls.
  • 30 minutes: Clean up! Store unused toys and organize those that are used frequently to maximize space in the room.
  • 60 minutes: Sew (or buy) oversized floor pillows in neutral colors and have your kids personalize them with fabric paints.


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