DIY Slow Cooker Candles

October 13, 2017 by Johanna Cook

The slow cooker can do more than cook! In this fun DIY project, make scented candles perfect for hostess gifts or for adding a little light to your home this winter.   


  • 1 bag of soy wax 
  • 6 small mason jars  
  • 6 candle wicks  
  • 6 wooden sticks 
  • Your favorite oil scent  
  • Kenmore Slow cooker  
  • Water  


Place soy wax flakes in the jars. Overfill a little because the wax will melt down into a liquid.  

Place jars in the slow cooker. Fill the sides of the slow cooker with water about ¾ way up the jars. 

Heat on High for about 1 hour or until all wax has melted. 

Place one drop of scented oil in each jar and stir with a wooden stick.  

Slowly remove each jar from the slow cooker.  

Wrap the top of the wick on a wooden stick to prevent it from falling in the wax. Drop the other end in the center of the jar, placing the wooden stick gently on top to keep the wick upright.  

Allow wax to cool and harden. After the wax has set, remove the wooden stick and trim the wick. Decorate the candle and use or gift! 

Johanna Cook

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