What to Expect When You’re Expecting an Appliance Delivery

August 9, 2017 by Kenmore

You’ve compared models, whittled down the choices and made your appliance purchase. Whether you bought your new Kenmore appliance online or in-store, there’s one last step to take. To help ensure a smooth delivery, it’s important to be prepared. This helpful checklist will help you prep your space for an easy delivery.


Measure the available space: Whether it’s a refrigerator, laundry pair or microwave, always measure width, depth and height of the existing space. Be sure to account for existing cabinetry, baseboards and anything else that might affect the placement of the appliance. Refer to these measurements when shopping for your new appliance. And as any carpenter will tell you, measure twice, cut once. It’s a good idea to compare the measurements of your new appliance with the available space one last time before delivery day.

Walk the path: Check the entire path that the appliance will make on the day of delivery. In multi-unit buildings, be sure to account for stairwells, elevators and common hallways. (And don’t forget to arrange delivery with your building management.) If possible, create a backup plan to use in the event that your appliance won’t won’t be able to clear an obstruction in the path. If doors need to be removed or furniture shifted, do so before the delivery crew arrives.

Measure tight spaces: Measure the width of doors and other tight spaces to be sure your appliance will clear the space. This can include stairs, corners, the distance between a kitchen island and countertop and other potential obstructions. Knowing these measurements will also help the delivery crew decide whether they’ll need to remove doors, handles or other removable parts from your new appliance.


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