5 Ways Kenmore Appliances Can Help You Be Earth Friendly

April 10, 2017 by Kenmore

Without a doubt, you care about being a responsible steward of the planet, and you definitely do your part on Earth Day. But we get it. It’s just not that easy being green — like all of the time.

But what if we told you that Kenmore could help you transform one day of environmental consciousness into a whole year’s worth of do-gooding — without doing a thing? For real.

We’ve packed our high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR® certified appliances chock-full of resource-saving technology. Carry on with your routine chores while innovations like LED lighting, sensor technology, efficient filters, advanced wash systems and all-new smart appliances ensure that, from the kitchen to the laundry room, your entire home is a little more earth-friendly. And it’s all thanks to Kenmore®.  

energy-saving refrigerators

Kenmore Refrigerators: Keep It Cool

So you know the LED lights and plastic water bottles that we should concern ourselves with? The Kenmore brand refrigerators take care of both. Outfitted with energy-saving LED lighting of their own, some models consume less energy than an 80-watt light bulb.1 That’s nothing for an appliance that never sleeps!

And in terms of ditching those plastic water bottles? Our external water and ice dispensers are so convenient, cool and crisp (like a refreshing mountain spring right at your fingertips) you’ll wonder why you ever did plastic in the first place.

It gets even better. Innovations like GeniusCool™ technology and SmartSense™ temperature management, help keep food fresh, crisp and flavorful. And the CrisperKeeper™ Drawer extends the freshness of fruits and veggies up to 25%.2 Now that you don’t have to deal with foods that go bad too soon, food waste goes down — and money in your pocket goes up!         

Kenmore Dishwashers: Less Water, More Performance

What a dish. Whether you stick with the UltraWash® HE Wash System or step up to the MicroClean™ Wash System, you’ll see peak performance with energy-efficient results. In fact, MicroClean™ shortens cycle time by 13 minutes,3 saves up to 2 gallons3 of water (that’s up to 430 gallons yearly!4) and filters 100% of the wash water for clean dishes.

Oh, and these babies have a removable third rack that’s perfect for all the extras, like cooking spoons, spatulas and chef’s knives. With 37% more loading area,5 you’ll wash less by hand and do fewer loads, which saves big on water and energy.

But it’s not just the wash cycle that’s energy-efficient. SmartDry™ saves too by automatically adjusting dry time and energy for optimal results.

energy-saving washers and dryers

Kenmore Laundry Pairs: The Green Dream Team

Many of the top- and front-load models in our laundry lineup meet tough DOE standards for ENERGY STAR® certification, but even many of those that don’t are still HE. How could you go wrong (re: the earth) with a Save Energy+ option and a Cold Clean® cycle that uses 62% less energy6 than hot water cycles for the same clean?

We don’t stop there. The Kenmore brand’s largest top-load laundry duo ever is built for the motherload with capacities of 6.2 cu. ft. (washer) and 9.2 cu. ft. (dryer). That means fewer loads. And that means less water and energy.          

Our dryers deliver yet another one-two punch on their own. SmartDry technology monitors moisture levels and regulates heat to end the cycle when the load is dry, saving your clothes and resources. And with the Sanitize Dry option, you can sanitize bulkier items, like bedding and children’s clothing, without washing.

The Check Vent Sensor keeps it all in check, maintaining safety and efficiency by alerting you when the dryer isn’t venting enough air.  

green ranges

Kenmore Ranges: Fast and Furious (and Efficient)

Our ranges are sleek and seamless, delivering precise performance. Better yet, from the cooktop to the oven, they’re pro-earth. The electric models’ dual and triple heat elements allow you to match the heat source to the pan for better cooking efficiency. Likewise, the gas models’ Turbo Boil Flex lets you customize the heat from 5K to 19K BTU. This flexibility helps ensure there’s no unnecessary heat expenditure or loss.

And when the delicious meal has been devoured, Lo Temp Clean uses less heat than traditional self-cleaning options to release baked-on messes that can be simply wiped away with water and a sponge when the cycle is done. No toxic cleaning agents required!

The Future Is Smart 

We have one last surprise up our sleeve. Our smart lineup will keep you connected to your appliances, from wherever you are, for more control and convenience and fewer wasted resources. Now you can receive alerts if someone forgets to close the refrigerator door, set a wash load to finish just as you get home, turn the water heater down when you jet off for vacation and monitor salt levels in the water softener — right from your smartphone! Get smart. Go smart. It’s the new eco-friendly frontier.

Stick with the Kenmore brand, and it is easy being green after all. So why don’t you save your own resources and the earth’s all at the same time? Go on, love the planet. Protect it for your kids. Be amazing.     

1Based on the annual kWh of 701 for an 80-watt light bulb.

2Based on extended shelf life of commonly purchased produce.

3Compared to Kenmore Elite® wash system without MicroClean™ technology, Normal cycle, heavy soils.

4Based on a yearly average of 215 cycles.

5Compared to Kenmore® and Kenmore Elite® two-rack dishwashers.

6Compared to default Normal cycle using an 8-lb load.


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