Fun, Festive Family Projects For the Holidays

November 20, 2009 by Kenmore

Everyone decks the halls

It’s important to get the whole family involved in preparing and decorating for the holidays.  Each of these holiday projects can help get your must-do’s done and transform the doing into quality family time.

Make your own wrapping paper

It’s an easy project for parents and kids to do together, and adds personal style to packages.

  1. Buy large rolls of butcher paper at the craft store. Pick up finger paints, glue, glitter, colored tissue paper or whatever inspires you.
  2. Cut the paper to suit the dimensions of your gifts.
  3. Decorate! Have your child make hand prints, create a “stained glass” mosaic with tissue paper, or draw snowflakes with glue and sprinkle with glitter.
  4. Kids can use this technique to make a ”tablecloth” for the kid’s table.

Holiday-up your home

Replace towels, dinnerware and flower arrangements with seasonal pieces.

Select festive soaps, towels and bath mats.

Kids’ rooms
Let each child decorate their room in a theme they love.

Living area
Select a color palette and use it everywhere, from the tree and wrapping paper to placemats and accent pieces.

Dining room
Display your best china and flatware; turn down the lights and add candlelight.

Master bedroom
Add coziness with seasonal flowers, mistletoe and scented linen spray on your flannel sheets.

Pep up your pet’s seasonal style

Create a stylish, pet-friendly space at home.

Style steps

  • Decorate your pet’s area with colors from your décor for consistent and elegant style.
  • Buy monogrammed bedding for your furry friend.
  • Or, open and fill a piece of vintage luggage with chic pillows for inexpensive comfort and style.
  • Choose food bowls that complement the bedding you’ve selected. Consider antique bowls or other unique pieces.

Pet products

  • Newly designed beds, bowls and doghouses are far more attractive than their utilitarian counterparts of the past.
  • Designate a personalized basket for holding pet toys.
  • Monogrammed coats, collars and leashes add class.

Pet-lover’s home

  • If space allows, create a special room for your big dog’s toys, bed and food bowls.
  • Install doggy doors on entrances that are most frequented by your pet.
  • Provide a stepstool for little dogs to help them climb onto furniture.
  • Create an indoor sweet-grass area for cats to relax in.
  • Have an outdoor play space for your animals, even an area on the terrace or balcony. Be sure your pet is safely guarded from the edge.


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