Homemade Boiled Peanuts

November 3, 2017 by Ashley Schoenith

It’s tailgate season and there’s nothing I love more than a piping hot bag of fresh Boiled Peanuts. I’ve been stopping at road-side stands my entire life but the truth of the matter is they’re super simple to make from the comfort of your own home and just as tasty!

All you need to get started are some fresh green peanuts, a good supply of salt and your Kenmore 5 Qt. Slow Cooker and you’re ready to master this Southern staple.

Just a few tips before you get started on making this recipe for yourself. Be sure you’re buying raw, green peanuts which are generally in season from August to November. Green peanuts are those that are harvested and come straight from the ground without being roasted, salted or any other processing.

As for your salt ratio, I always like to go by the old rule of thumb that you can always add more, but you can’t take it away. I just keep tasting and trying them as they continue to cook, adjusting as I go, until I get that “road-side” flavor that I’ve grown to love.

Lastly, the longer you can keep your peanuts soaking in the warm water, the more tender and juicy they’ll be. I always try to build in a full day and a half for the absolute perfect boiled peanut texture, but certainly they can be ready to go sooner if you crank up your Slow Cooker to High but if you’re going for the perfect peanut you’ll have to be a bit more patient.


  • 2-3 lbs green (raw) peanuts in shell
  • 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 cup salt (to taste)
  • 8 cups of water

Rinse green peanuts in colander under cold water to remove any dirt or debris. Empty peanuts into your Kenmore 5 Qt. Slow Cooker. Cover peanuts with water, approximately 8 cups. Add salt and stir. Cook on low heat for 24 hours or high heat for 12 hours, adding more water as needed. Taste and add more salt as needed to reach preferred flavor. Allow peanuts to sit in warm water brine overnight, or for an additional 12 hours. Serve warm or refrigerate for up to 1-week after cooking. Enjoy!

I love my Boiled Peanuts served hot, but enjoy them cold too. And for serving it’s always fun to get super authentic and serve them straight out of a brown paper bag or Styrofoam cup, just like you’d get from a vendor.

I hope you’ll give this easy recipe a try at home as you tailgate this season!

Ashley Schoenith

Ashley Schoenith is the founder + lifestyle designer behind heirloomed. On a mission to “keep heirlooms around for another generation,” she has a knack for beautiful storytelling & love for all things vintage. As a mom of 3 with generations of Southern roots, her work has been featured by many major media outlets, including Oprah and Martha Stewart.