7 Ways to Improve Bathroom Storage

January 20, 2015 by Kenmore

Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Faced with too much stuff and nowhere to stash it? Try these ideas for maximizing every inch of available space in a bath or powder room.

• Install refillable wall-mount dispensers for soap and lotion to help keep counters clear of clutter.
• Add slide-out shelves to your existing vanity cabinets; they make it easier to access cleaning products and other supplies.
• A narrow “leaning ladder” can hold towels and magazines from floor to ceiling.
• Look up – and add shallow shelves a foot below the ceiling for storing infrequently used items or colorful towels and plants.
• Remodeling? Add niches between wall studs to hold shallow shelves for bath salts and other toiletries.
• Baskets and bins can disguise everyday items in limited spaces.
• If you don’t need a curtain on the window, install shallow, cut-to-fit glass shelves across it for small bottles and supplies.

Image: Flickr user Emily May licensed under Creative Commons


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