Irish Potato Candy Recipe

October 16, 2012 by Kenmore

My Grandmother makes Irish Potato Candy every year at Christmas time and they have always been my favorite candy. A few years ago, I finally talked her into sharing the recipe with me. Depending on the size and type of your potato, this could yield anywhere from a couple dozen pieces to enough to supply the entire neighborhood.


preparation time
60 mins

cook time




1 Small Potato

4 Boxes of Confectioners Sugar

1 Large Jar Creamy Peanut Butter


Step One

Boil the heck out of the potato. I typically boil it for about an hour!

Step Two

Allow the Potato to cool completely! Peel and mash the potato - concentrate on making it as smooth as possible

Step Three

Mix powdered sugar with potato (adding a small amount of sugar at a time) until a dough forms. This can take a TON of sugar. Sometimes one box is plenty and sometimes it takes all the boxes. Once you start this step, you can't stop. So, be sure you have plenty of sugar on hand!

Step Four

Flatten dough as thin as possible while still being able to work it (this step and the next step need to be completed pretty quickly before the dough hardens and begins to crack.

Step Five

Spread a layer of peanut butter over the flattened dough

Step Six

Roll into log and slice into pieces. Place on waxed cookie sheet and allow to harden before putting into your air-tight container.


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