Life Your Way Loves Kenmore Top Load Laundry

July 27, 2015 by Kenmore


Mandi Ehman from the blog Life Your Way has been praising the Kenmore top load washer. See what she has to say in the dispatch below.

With four girls who love princesses and dressing up and Lego Friends, you’d think we would avoid the dirty knees and muddy footprints through the house. But these girls of mine love princesses and pirates, dressing up and digging in the dirt, Lego Friends and building forts.


Which means we do a lot of laundry. And a lot of our laundry includes grass stains and mud splatters.

While none of them has taken on a challenge like the Dirty Girl Mud Run yet, the Kenmore top-load washers were built to handle the toughest dirt, whether it’s from a mud run or just four girls who love to play outside.

And for a big family like ours, it’s hard to beat the 5.3 cubic feet top-load washer, which holds up to 26 towels at once so you can wash more in a single load.

Kenmore washers also offer a ton of unique features to help you get your clothes cleaner:

3 unique wash actions with advanced cleaning motions
• Nine spray jets to attack dirt and stains
• A motor that adapts to each load to provide just the right amount of power
• Accela Soak™ technology to deep clean with a concentrated detergent mix
• A Timed Oxi™ Dispenser to boost your machine and detergent’s cleaning powder
• A Stream Treat™ option to eliminate pretreating and remove tough stains
• A StainBoost™ option that’s extra tough on stains
• More control over the water level in your washer, whether you’re looking to use less water or to add a little extra water to a load

Add Kenmore’s Laundry Detergent Powder, which is dye- and perfume-free and focused on one thing only: getting your clothes clean. It provides built-in stain removal technology, can be used in all machines, cleans in all temperatures, and is safe for your fabrics.

Head over to to get all the details on our top load washers.


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