Menu Ideas For Summer Camping

August 17, 2010 by Kenmore

Camping… it’s everyone’s favorite summer activity. Whether you camp, picnic or backpack, here are menu ideas to take along.

Have each person bring the makings for one complete meal, instead of each person bringing enough food for their own meals. That way, you can focus on preparing and cooking one meal and put more effort into it.

The More You Do In Advance, The Better

To prepare for a camping trip, marinate chicken or use a spice rub on a steak and then freeze it. The frozen package acts like an ice pack to prevent spoiling in the cooler. It’s a very effective method, as the meat thaws slowly and keeps foods in the cooler cold (along with the ice).

Plan menus around produce that’s hardy and holds up well; sturdy vegetables like cabbage for a salad or corn on the cob, as opposed to tender tomatoes, which get squished. Peppers are good, too; you can grill and char them over an open flame.

For breakfast, try Crusteez brand pancake mix. Just add water, along with banana slices or frozen blueberries. It’s delicious! Don’t forget envelopes of hot chocolate mix and flavored oatmeal packets.

Appetizers can be hard salami (no refrigeration required), firm cheese or a granola mix. For desserts, classic S’mores are practically a requirement! Place the crackers with the chocolate right on the grill over low heat. The chocolate softens and the cracker gets a nice smoky taste.

Easy Campground Meals

Here’s a great campsite meal called Hamburger Hobo packets. The ingredients steam together in the foil packet, so prep and cleanup are super-simple.
1. Place ground beef or hamburger patty on a square of aluminum foil.
2. Add chopped onions and garlic, salt and tomatoes.
3. Seal up the packet and place on grill.
4. Open the foil, add cheese and enjoy.

More Simple Meal Ideas:

  • Spice-rubbed steak, corn on the cob and cabbage slaw
  • Gyros in pita pockets: marinate and freeze the lamb; grill and serve with tzatziki sauce made at home before you leave
  • Pasta in tomato sauce with onions and mushrooms: saute some onions and mushrooms , then add bottled sauce, or make sauce in advance and bring it in a jar
  • Chili or shish kabobs (especially nice when camping in cool weather)
  • Seafood packets: freeze whitefish and a compound butter made with lemon zest and tarragon into foil packets; steam over the fire
  • Quesadillas made with bagged shredded cheese, whole wheat tortillas and jarred salsa (kids love them for dinner, adults love them as a snack and they’re good for breakfast too)

You Can Also Experiment With:

  • Baked potatoes in foil
  • Cornbread baked in a Dutch oven directly on the flame
  • Foil packets of firm veggies like carrots and zucchini
  • Salads made with wedges of iceberg lettuce, pre-cooked and crumbled bacon and blue cheese dressing
  • Rice and refried beans

What are your favorite campfire recipes and meals?

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