Must-Have Grilling Accessories for Every Griller

June 28, 2024 by Kenmore

Have you caught a whiff of that heavenly scent in the air, lately? Grilling season is here, and the alluring aroma of sizzling burgers, steaks, chops, chicken and more is starting to fill the neighborhood once again.

And now that you’ve got the right grill to suit your needs, and you’ve brushed up on the fundamentals of grilling technique, it’s time to boost your BBQ game to the next level with premium-quality tools and accessories.

Read on to discover our favorite grill accessories that can help you get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience…

Basic Tools for Grilling Success

must have grilling accessories

Regular kitchen tools simply don’t work as well as dedicated grilling tools when cooking over an open flame. You need solid, heavy-duty implements with long handles that keep your hands away from the intense heat.

Our Three-Piece Stainless Steel Grill Tool Set includes a barbecue spatula, fork, and tongs, each crafted from solid stainless-steel, ensuring longevity and a comfortable grip for showcasing your culinary skills. Their sleek stainless finish ensures resistance to rust and corrosion, so they’ll still work well and look fabulous after numerous grilling sessions.

How do you know when your meats are cooked to perfection and ready to plate? Most grilling experts know, you can’t rely on guesswork, magic or luck. You need to take its temperature! Our Kenmore Digital Meat Grill Thermometer is an essential tool for outdoor cooking. The easy-to-read LCD display provides accurate instant readings, and the solid metal probe includes a protective case. Bonus: it works just as well when roasting or baking indoors, too!

Making Burger Magic

If you think the perfect burger is impossible to achieve, think again! The Kenmore Dual-Patty Burger Press makes it super-easy to create a pair thick, gorgeous burgers with consistent size and shape, every time. Simply add ground beef, turkey, chicken, or pork to both sides of the base, press into patties, remove them from the press, and start grilling! Heavy-duty aluminum construction with non-stick coating allows for easy release of the burgers and quick clean-up.

Pizza Perfection

It may not seem obvious at first blush, but your grill is actually the ideal place to cook a pizza. It can reach high heat levels fairly quickly (perfect for crispy crusts!) without heating up your whole kitchen. But there’s just one thing: grill grates make a terrible surface for raw pizza dough. That’s why you need the right pizza pan.

The Kenmore 14-in. Pizza Pan is crafted from solid, heavy cast iron to ensure excellent heat retention and even heat distribution. Built-in side handles make it easy to move around, to and from the grill. And it works just as well in your oven or stovetop, so you can enjoy home-cooked pizza year-round. You can also use it as a flat-top griddle for making burgers, bacon & eggs, pancakes, and more!

Extend Your Grilling Season

Do you live in an area where the spring and fall evening temperatures often fall just a tad below the comfort zone for outdoor cooking, dining and entertaining? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. But with Kenmore’s Electric Outdoor Heater lineup, you don’t have to wait for the warmth to show up… you can generate your own!

Its 1500-watt heating power warms up in a hurry, creating an oasis of comfort on chilly days. Three output level settings make it easy to adjust your comfort level, and anti-tip protection turns it off automatically if it gets knocked over for added safety.

Protect Your Grill Investment

Experienced outdoor cooking enthusiasts know – the best way to keep your grill protected from the elements and looking its best for years to come is a quality grill cover. Kenmore grill covers are available in a variety of sizes to fit your Kenmore grill just right. Their flexible, waterproof vinyl is easy to clean and features heavy duty-gauge polyester backing for added durability. Ventilation slots and closure strips help ensure that it stays securely in place, even in windy weather.

The Ultimate Accessory: A Second Grill!

As much as you may love your backyard cooking companion, there’s one thing a typical grill can’t do – come along with you when you go somewhere! But now, for those who love to bring the BBQ party with them, we offer the new Kenmore Table Top Gas Grill.

This small wonder is lightweight, fully portable, easy to assemble, and provides a surprisingly generous 343 sq. in. of grilling area… enough for 9 burgers! It’s ideal for grilling in the park, tailgating before the game, beach parties, and any type of outdoor get-together. And its sleek, retro style comes in 6 bold designer colors, so it’s always dressed right for the occasion.

All the Right Parts

It’s inevitable. Your grill, like anything else that lives outdoors all year, will eventually have a part that needs to be replaced. But here’s the good news: you don’t have to get a whole new grill just because one component wears out! Kenmore carries a broad lineup of OEM replacement parts for all of our grills… from grill grates and grease trays to heat diffusers and burner tubes. Check out our current selection!

When you have all the right accessories in your hands, it’s easier to get the most out of your outdoor cooking adventures. Quality tools make you feel more than equal to the task, no matter how experienced you are or how advanced your grilling skills might be. So why not treat yourself to the very best?


The following are answers to some of the most common questions about grill accessories and tools.

What are the most important pieces of equipment used in grilling?

Besides the grill itself, the most fundamental grilling tools include a sturdy, long-handled spatula. This is used for flipping foods, long tongs for moving and gently turning foods, and a big grill fork for transferring pieces to and from the grill, and for holding meats steady while carving. Also, an accurate meat thermometer is essential for determining when meats and poultry are done cooking.

How can I cook outdoors like a professional?

While there is no substitute for cooking skill, there are certain tools that pro grillers and chefs use to achieve consistently delicious results. For example, using a non-stick burger press ensures that each patty you make is consistently sized and shaped. This ensures they will all cook consistently and be ready to serve at the same time. Similarly, a heavy-duty cast-iron pan will ensure even heat distribution and superior cooking performance when preparing fresh pizza on the grill.


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