I think it’s true that giving and receiving are all the more special when real consideration is given to the gift selection.

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My Favorite Gifts to Give

I think it’s true that giving and receiving are all the more special when real consideration is given to the gift selection.

Whether you spend a little or a lot, choosing a meaningful gift only requires a bit of thought. For example, if someone you know collects charms for her bracelet, it doesn’t matter if the charm is $10 or $100, as long as it enhances her collection and makes a personal statement.

Let me tell you about a groom’s shower we held for one our associates here at Eric Cohler Design. We chose:

  • A silver-plated salt and pepper set for the seasons of his life
  • A bottle opener to help celebrate their new life
  • A picture frame to capture memories now and forever

So my advice is to concentrate on the concept, not the cost. A handmade gift comes from the heart, so print a beautiful photo, needlepoint a pillow or assemble a basket of homemade jams and breads.

For a fun gift that a family can enjoy, try a movie theme:

  • Popcorn and a big bowl for entertaining at home
  • Boxes of “theater” candy
  • A DVD of a new-release film
  • Gift card to a local cinema

One of my office associates travels yearly at holiday time. She finds it a challenge to choose an easy-to-transport gift for her aunt and uncle. Last year, she filled the small compartments of an attractive drawer organizer with costume jewelry, bath and body treats and other small gifts selected with her aunt and uncle in mind.

Gifts for the hostess

  • Our culinary genius, Bibby Gignilliat, has a wonderful recipe for preserved lemons here on the “That’s Genius” blog. Make some and package in vintage Mason jars.
  • Infused sugars or oils are easy to make and look pretty when presented in interesting bottles.
  • Homemade dog treats are always welcome gifts for pet owners.
  • Collect a few mismatched vintage cup and saucer sets; fill with herbal tea or homemade cocoa mix; wrap and stash away for the next occasion.
  • An attractive countertop compost pail will remind the recipient that you care about recycling.

Green gifts for anyone

  • Give a gift of time – babysitting, pet walking, a shopping excursion, taking a child on an outing or free lessons in something you’re good at.
  • Make a video of a special event to give – a wedding, celebration or school performance.
  • Create an online recipe book of family recipes at epicurious.com or go old-fashioned: hand-write your favorite recipes on cards and pack them in a vintage recipe box.

Kenmore recommends…

Here’s what we hope to find under the tree: the Evo hand-held vacuum. It’s lightweight, connects to a range of canister tools, and looks great too.



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