Need A Holiday Mini-Getaway?

November 13, 2009 by Kenmore

Enjoy your holiday mini-vacation

Taking time to relax is key to having a happy holiday season. I’d like to inspire you by sharing some ways you can create and retreat to your own personal space during the season. Then I’ll explain how you can continue building other getaway spots throughout the year, too.

The kitchen is a great space in which to create a personal hideaway. A private nook allows you to step away from hectic entertaining, but still remain in the hub of the household and accessible to guests should they need you.

Build a nook
Depending on layout and style, building a nook on either end of your cabinetry can be a simple addition. Consult a carpenter to determine a design that works best. It may be as simple as a built-in bench or as complex as a miniature room, tucked away from prying eyes.

Create serenity
Install speakers or add a dock for your mp3 player for calming music. Small shelves can be added to hold candles, fresh flowers and cookbooks. And remember – a clean kitchen is the easiest way to instill calmness. Adopt a clean-as-you-go method to reduce chores at the end of the day.

Treat yourself
If you have space, install a wine cooler, popcorn maker or blender in your nook to keep favorite treats on hand. Check with an electrician to ensure your current wiring can support additional appliances.

Creating year-round getaways

After the holidays are over, the whole family needs time and space to recoup. And if you’ve started creating those holiday nooks and mini-getaways, you’ll be ahead of the game.

As I promised, here are ways can you can continue to transform living spaces into year-round places of peace, quiet and creative recharge.

Living room
The living room is a great place to relax, play games or watch movies with the family, but it’s also a prime spot for personal luxury.

Leisurely living
If you have an unused corner in your room, create a game area. Install a table for cards or board games with comfortable seating for each member of the family.

The right light
Build a fire in the fireplace, light candles or use dimmers to create a soft glow in the room. The subdued setting creates coziness and soothes you after a hectic day.

Make the most it
If space is limited, create a mini reading nook using pull-up tables and a magazine rack near a comfy chair. A coffee table can be transformed into the perfect game table. Add a tray with jars of cookies and treats as a fun centerpiece.

Kids’ rooms and playroom
Children also need quiet time during the busy holiday season. Help kids create a personal space that feels unique to them.

Kids’ corner
Make kids feel special by designating an area especially for them. Buy floor pillows and toss them in a corner for kids to lounge and read on. Tuck a mini picnic table with art supplies in a corner of the kitchen.

Master bedroom
Your bedroom should always feel like a personal retreat, but even more so around the holidays. Consider these ideas when shaping your private space.

Relaxed seating
Incorporate window seats, a comfortable reading chair or a sitting area in your bedroom for a luxurious, relaxed feeling.

Tight quarters
If your master bedroom lacks space, create a small grouping of two side chairs plus accent table. Add a throw and footstool that slides beneath a chair for added comfort.

If you live in a warmer climate, this is the perfect time of year to update your backyard to include some personal living space. The leafy landscape serves as a serene backdrop.

The great outdoors
Create a walkway that leads to your own private area of relaxation. Furnish it with chairs upholstered in outdoor fabric, an ottoman, a side table and pots of cactus, prairie grass, bamboo or herbs like rosemary and mint. All of these plants require minimal care to flourish.


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