One large step for Kenmore, one giant leap for laundry

March 4, 2011 by Kenmore

Kenmore has launched into the next great frontier of laundry technology with the introduction of Color LCD Touch Screen Controls on Kenmore Elite front-loaders and top-loaders. We unveiled them with great pride and joy at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

No more dials. No more buttons to push. Instead, a large, sleek, colorful LCD display with fun and friendly touch controls. You can choose wash and dry options to your heart’s delight and personalize your settings. Or, if you’re a “less is more” person, simply push power on, tap the start icon and away it goes.

The new LCD models come in fabulous colors, too – Blackberry, Lemongrass, Ginger and White! Beyond the easy-to-use interface with charming icons and sounds, these revolutionary laundry machines will change your family dynamics. During the design usability testing, customers’ immediate reactions were, “Gosh, this is so much fun – my kids/boyfriend/husband/fill-in-the-blank will want to do the laundry now!” We life-tested the water-resistant displays. We added an incredibly helpful feature called Time Manager(TM) to our front-load washers that reduces the wash cycle time when you’re in a rush. Consumer Reports wrote about this phenomenon and called these Kenmore Elite laundry pairs “The stuff dreams are made of.”

Kenmore earned its reputation as a trusted American brand based on its long history of performance, quality and innovation. Our new lineup hits that high standard.

Look for these amazing products on and at Sears stores this spring. Play with the washer and dryer demos of the LCD screens below. We believe you’ll never think about laundry the same way, and we won’t be surprised to see moonbeams in your eyes.



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