Organize Your Pantry And Fridge

August 25, 2009 by Kenmore

When my pantry and fridge are full and well-organized, I feel in control and ready for anything! Meals just come together easier when I can see what I have, and easily grab what I need.

Your pantry:

  • Store olive oil and canola oil in a cool place away from sunlight. Nut oils (like almond or walnut) should be stored in the refrigerator because they can quickly go rancid.
  • Buy whole spices in bulk instead of grated spices in the spice aisle, since spices lose flavor as soon they’re altered. You’ll get better value and flavor from the whole variety.
  • Chipotles in adobo sauce add intense flavor to a dish, but one pepper is plenty for a recipe. Pre-portion remaining peppers with a little sauce in plastic bags and freeze or refrigerate up to five months.
  • Save spaghetti sauce jars for storing whole grains in your pantry. They are easily labeled and look pretty on shelves.
  • Store spices on a “grandstand” shelf so you’re able to easily see them when you open your pantry.
  • Place baking goods like vanilla and brown sugar on a lazy Susan for easy access. Store flour in airtight jars so it keeps for months.
  • Store pasta and rice in airtight canisters for freshness.

Food fridge tips:

  • Wash fresh herbs, wrap in a damp paper towel and store in plastic baggies.
  • Extra bananas can go in the freezer to use in smoothies.
  • You can freeze milk to go in smoothies, but don’t freeze soups made with milk, as they will separate when warmed.
  • Freeze leftover chicken or beef stock in ice trays, then grab a cube or two to add flavor to a recipe.
  • Store whole grains, nuts and seeds in the refrigerator or freezer instead of the pantry for freshness.

What are some of your pantry tips?


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